Just in Case You Need Another Reason to Vote against William Bell

Frank Matthews.  Yep, “n*ggers and gays!” Frank Matthews is at it again, concern trolling Birmingham mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper’s support for Howard Bayless’ 2007 candidacy for the Birmingham School Board.  He’s written an open letter (PDF) to the citizens of Birmingham that is, he assures us, in no way intended to attack the character of either Cooper or Bayless.  Uh huh.

As a minister, I am compelled to reveal to you Mr. Cooper’s public position concerning a vital moral issue that impacts the foundation of our families, our churches, our schools, and all of society: the issue of homosexuality. It is true “all of us have sinned and fallen short of bringing God glory” as stated in Romans 3:23. It is also true that we must repent for known sins. The Word of God clearly states homosexuality is a sin according to Romans 1:24-32. God loves us as sinners, but He hates our sin. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been the foundation of every civilized culture since the beginning of time. The citizens of Alabama understand this and showed their agreement by voting overwhelmingly in 2006 by an 81% to 19% margin in favor of the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment Act defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In October 2007, Birmingham elected the first openly gay man to public office in Alabama as Howard Bayless won a seat on the Birmingham City School Board governing the affairs of almost 30,000 young hearts and minds in our city. He did this with the support of the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender political action committee in the nation along with the very public endorsement of Patrick Cooper standing proudly at Mr. Bayless’ side. It is not my intention to disrespect either of these men, but it is my online blackjack usa legal duty to remind God’s people that this is an abomination and unpleasing in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

It’s an abomination for Cooper to support a candidate who happens to be gay?  Personally, I find Matthews’ homophobia to be pretty damn abominable.  Not to mention his hypocrisy.  Does he think “our Heavenly Father” is happy with his ongoing support for criminal bribe-taker Larry Langford?  I’m guessing he’s banking on William Bell to give him back his cushy $72,000 a year City Hall job, or maybe even a better one, if Bell is elected mayor.

Matthews goes on to hit every hot button of the right-wing anti-gay agenda — being gay spreads disease, children are being indoctrinated, blah, blah, blah de blah.

All across the nation, school boards for children at the elementary and kindergarten levels are approving curriculum that promotes the homosexual lifestyle. This is morally wrong, brings confusion about gender identity to our children, condones sexual perversion, and can ultimately have detrimental influence socially. Not only would Patrick Cooper seek to advance this radical agenda upon our matriculating school children, but he wants to eliminate the “Laptops for Kids” program altogether, and replace it with Pre-K programs. These programs would indoctrinate the acceptance of this lifestyle, by our children, at an even earlier age.

Reality is Alabama has the top-rated Pre-K program in the country, it’s just not available to nearly enough children.  How often does Alabama rate at the top of anything?  Somehow I doubt the program would be so highly rated if its purpose was to indoctrinate children into the “homosexual lifestyle”.

Frank Matthews is a bigot.  I wish I believed his bigotry would backfire, but I fear this crap will work.  I hope the citizens of Birmingham will prove me wrong.

h/t mooncat at Left in Alabama

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  1. Del says:

    This reads like a hilarious parody— “young hearts and minds,” “our matriculating school children,” “abomination and unpleasing” — but unfortunately it’s not.

    And may sweet Jesus Christ forbid that ANYTHING stand in the way of the Craptops for Kids program.

  2. Kathy says:

    “Craptops for Kids” — LOL! And *sob*. That program has always appeared, to me at least, to be a boondoggle for Friends of Larry.

    I hear that a former City Councilor of the Libertarian variety has also penned a nasty letter. Geez…whatever happened to the Libertarian preference that everyone mind their own business?

  3. I got a giggle out of this:

    “Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been the foundation of every civilized culture since the beginning of time.”

    Someone hasn’t read up on the history of the Greeks and Romans and might want to Google exactly where the word “lesbian” came from.

    Darn homo Romans and their entire responsibility for mainstreaming Christianity… Wait, wha?

    You almost can’t blame him for using the whole “Patrick Cooper wants to teach your children how to be gay” argument, though. It did work in California and nearly everywhere else– despite it being scathingly untrue.

    Regarding the laptops… I find it ironic that you can now get a brand name pc netbook in Wal-Mart or Best Buy for the same price (if not cheaper) than Langford was willing to pay for those XO laptops.

  4. Bill says:

    Well at least he respectfully referred to Mr. Bayless as an abomination. What a bastard.

  5. Kathy says:

    Yeah, ALMod, that whole meme of “marriage has been between one man and one woman since the dawn of time” certainly does leave out a lot of history.

  6. kayman says:

    Pathetic to say the least. I’m so tired of William Bell, Frank Matthews, and Larry Langford that I want to scream. They are some of the most ignorant idiots I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and that says a lot considering the number of fools I’ve encountered professionally and personally.

  7. mooncat says:

    Unbelievable that Matthews would put his name on this tripe … and that Bell would not condemn it.

  8. Helen says:

    After reading the latest screeds early this morning (somehow did not check email after 5 p.m. yesterday) I headed for the Unity Breakfast, spoke with William Bell about putting an end to the scurrilous stuff. His obviously irritated response was “They can’t talk that way about my wife.” I opted to respond by iterating my feelings that we needed to focus on the serious issues facing Birmingham.

    Echoing a bumpersticker favored by my mentor, Dr. Jane Christian, “If the people will lead, the leaders will follow,” I hope that civic engagement grows–you don’t just vote, you have to watch what they do once they get in office. And it doesn’t hurt at all to encourage those who are doing the right thing.

  9. CB says:

    Wow……just wow….

    How did Bell get 25% of the vote the first time through???

    What kind of dumb*** would vote for that loser?

    I would rather see my 6yr old nephew assume the Mayorship than him. I mean, seriously, who voted for him and why?

  10. Kathy says:

    CB, it’s hard to say. I think a lot of voters go with name recognition. Bell has been around a long time, and people know him.

  11. “What kind of dumb*** would vote for that loser?”

    The same kind of dumb*** that would vote for Larry Langford? Just a thought…

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