Today in Stupid Criminals

Okay, anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to get high on a substance made from Sudafed and (according to the Department of Justice website) some combination of ether, paint thinner, Freon®, acetone, anhydrous ammonia, iodine crystals, red phosphorus, drain cleaner, battery acid, and lithium (taken from inside batteries) — seriously, drain cleaner?  battery acid? — probably isn’t operating with a full stringer of fish.  Anyone who’d cook up a batch in a moving vehicle is missing more than just a couple of crappie.

But this guy takes the cake:  he passed out at a gas pump with meth cooking in the back seat of his car.  And stayed out, apparently, for an hour, until a station employee called the police.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Police say a driver passed out in his car at a Tennessee gas station while a batch of methamphetamine was cooking in the back seat.

An employee at the gas station in Murfreesboro, about 30 miles southeast of Nashville, called police because the car was sitting at the pump for about an hour on New Year’s Day.

Police say a chemical process to make the drug was in progress. Some meth-making ingredients can be explosive.

Murfreesboro Assistant Fire Chief Allen Swader told The Daily News Journal that gas pumps were shut off as a precaution.

“Some meth-making ingredients can be explosive.”  Gee, ya think?  It’s good to know that “…gas pumps were shut off as a precaution.”  Also good to know that this moron is sitting in the pokey.  The world is a safer place, at least for now.

7 Responses to “Today in Stupid Criminals”

  1. Bill says:

    The pokey. Allowing natural selection without death.

    Good thing that idiot didn’t blow up the people in the gas station. And I get pissed at people driving with their cell phones going. Hell I’ve been worried about getting run over by a sixteen year old driving an Escalade texting on his Blackberry. Little did I know some dude whose parents are first cousins is going to blow me up cooking up ice in his vehicle in front of me. Hope he isn’t using his cell phone while driving.

  2. mooncat says:

    A couple of weeks ago my mother was telling me about a local guy who was cooking meth in the passenger side floor of his Jeep Cherokee. Apparently he pulled over to the side of the road to tend the batch, a cop pulled in behind him to see if there was a problem and this genius took off. He led the policeman on a merry chase, eventually crashing into a tree — whereupon the meth cooker blew up and set him and the Jeep on fire. Lucky for this dude, the cop dragged him out of the burning vehicle. He was hospitalized, no idea how serious his burns were.

    Honestly, meth must just fry your brain. Who would cook anything, let alone something flammable, in a moving vehicle?

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