Happy Holidays!

I’m stopping in during a quiet real world moment to wish everyone the happiest of holidays! It’s been crazy around here — two Christmas productions, the second one closing on December 20, and then a houseful of family, the last of whom left this morning.

2010 is almost upon us, with statewide elections in Alabama and mid-terms throughout the country. I’m considering a New Year’s resolution to write at least one blog post a day. There should be plenty of material, with Birmingham’s mayoral runoff, grandstanding party switchers in Congress, musical chairs in Alabama’s Democratic gubernatorial race, Republicans exploiting terrorist attacks for political gain, and Sarah Palin trying her best to remain relevant (and using far too many semicolons). Oh, and I think American Idol is about to start up again, but you needn’t worry that you’ll read more about it here. I’ll be too busy mourning the demise of Dollhouse — you know, one of those archaic things once called scripted TV.

Back to the celebration. :)

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  1. Bill says:

    No American Idol? Isn’t this a society blog?

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