The Face of Sarah Palin Supporters

The ignorance and paranoia on display in this video are truly alarming.  (Yes, I know not everyone who supported Obama knew every detail of his policy proposals, but at least he had some.)

No transcript available, but it’s basically 8+ minutes of people saying they love Sarah Palin and want her to be President even though they have no clue what policies she’d try to implement if she were elected. She’s like a rock star! She’ll cut taxes and decrease spending — one woman, who’s almost certainly on Medicare, says she, personally, wants to cut “all of it”. Palin’s protected the Alaska border from all those Russian incursions. “I’m an American. We don’t have czars.”

Oh, and Obama is ruining the country and he’s probably not even a citizen. He wrote a book about his Marxist beliefs. He’s planning to declare martial law to prevent the 2012 election. He’s busy naturalizing all the illegals so there won’t be enough white votes to elect Palin. And he loves partial birth abortions and has made them legal again, even though no law has been passed. And let’s get the polar bears off the endangered species list. Drill baby drill! That pretty much sums it up.

Y’all will be stunned to know that at least some of these folks are Fox News viewers.

2 Responses to “The Face of Sarah Palin Supporters”

  1. Kiki says:


    That one guy seemed to maybe be a little tipsy. Hope Sarah had her body guards there to protect her from her groupies.


  2. Kathy says:

    He did seem a little, um, animated. Perhaps he had a nip or two to help him pass the time while he waited in line. I’m sure security kept the real folks from getting too friendly with their heroine.

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