Happy Halloween!

jackolantern-happyWe’re hoping the rain stops in time for the trick-or-treaters to make their rounds.  The house is decorated, the jack o’lantern is a work in progress, and I still have to buy candy.  Didn’t want to do that too early. :)

I’m planning an evening of handing out candy and watching a marathon of Buffy and Angel Halloween episodes (Halloween, Fear Itself, All the Way, and Life of the Party, if you’re interested).  And maybe a rewatch of the Castle Halloween episode Vampire Weekend.  (Hulu has it here.)

What are you doing tonight?

3 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Del says:

    DD17 had a party. A big party. We worried about the rain too but it turned out to be beautiful if a trifle cold. The party started at 6:30 and there’s still a hard core group in the hot tub (it’s 11:50). No signs of alcohol or other bad behavior so far, so I think it might be safe to go on up to bed…

  2. Kathy says:

    We ended up with good weather too — yay! 11YOD filled her own pumkin and then came home to hand out candy to the other trick-or-treaters. 16YOD had a friend over to watch scary movies on the laptop. Prissy went berserk barking every time the doorbell rang. She’s sleeping it off this morning.

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