Courtney Haden of the Birmingham Weekly addresses the pitiful turnout for the Langford prayer vigil on Sunday.  Frank Matthews will not be happy.

I knew Larry Langford was in trouble after the prayer vigil. Not that our mayor, innocent until tweeted guilty, hasn’t faced adversity on a fairly regular basis, but I hadn’t had any real sense of foreshadowing until I learned that the downtown prayer vigil scheduled for the night before his departure for Litigation Land attracted only 55 of the faithful.

And I thought the city runoff election stats were pitiful…

…You see, the vigil was organized by Frank Matthews, noted gadfly, talk show host and currently co-director of the Birmingham Office of Citizen Assistance. (Thank you, Charles J. Dean, for the published reminder.) That means Frank Matthews, who got his cushy political job from Larry Langford, couldn’t turn out 60 people to pray publicly for Larry Langford. [I’m glad for the published reminder too, as the News initially identified Matthews as a “community activist” in its blog post until I provided a link to the city web page in comments.]

…Frank Matthews knows better than to make his boss look pitiful at a prayer rally. He dropped the ball, when he should have been dropping some cash into the outstretched palms of “neighborhood activists” to guarantee a respectable showing for the Sunday night TV cameras. If Frank had been making some rain, instead of excuses, he could have conjured a massive throng as ready to pray for Jon Gosselin as for Larry Langford. As a result of the spiritual snafu, Frank’s next public action may well be a rally to pray for the survival of his paycheck.

Go read the whole thing.  The snark is delicious.

The Weekly has posted a link on Facebook.  I look forward to a profane, poorly spelled response from Frank.  His favorite swear word appears to be “dam”.

4 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Del says:

    “Spiritual snafu.” Ahhhh.

    See, children, this is why we must be careful to use alliteration sparingly, so that it retains all the rhetorical force and power possible.

  2. Kathy says:

    I think “innocent until tweeted guilty” may be my new favorite phrase.

  3. Del says:

    Speaking of social media, have you seen the Despair, Inc. Venn diagram? It’s wonderful. I don’t want a T-shirt or a laptop skin but if they put that sucker on a mug I’d have already ordered.


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