Teen Sues Her Rapist “Seducer”

“Former Birmingham minister David Webb, his father sued by girl he pleaded guilty to seducing”

Gotta love those headline writers for the Birmingham News.  The girl that former Word of Life youth pastor David Webb transported across state lines for the purpose of sexual activity has now sued him, the church, and his father, the senior pastor.  The statutory rapist pleaded guilty to the transporting charge in May in exchange for a five-year sentence and dropping the second-degree rape and sexual abuse charges.

The lawsuit alleges sexual assault, battery, harassment and seduction of an underage woman against David Webb, and accuses his employer, Word of Life Christian Center, of negligent hiring, training, supervision, retention and entrustment.

You’ll recall that Webb’s wife, in an incredible demonstration of gall, went to the victim for an apology after he ‘fessed up to the “affair”.  You’ll also recall that the victim was in the employ of the Webbs as a babysitter when she was abused and in the employ of Mrs. Webb at the church when she was asked to apologize for hubby’s abuse.

I hope she takes them to the cleaners.  And I sure hope the wife isn’t holding her breath waiting for another apology.

2 Responses to “Teen Sues Her Rapist “Seducer””

  1. Helen says:

    And didn’t Daddy put him right back in charge of youth activities?!

  2. Kathy says:

    Apparently so, although it isn’t clear from the newspaper accounts whether Daddy knew what he’d been up to at the time.

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