Five of Nine City Council Seats Heading for Runoff

Birmingham City Council results here.  Congratulations to Lashunda Scales, who roundly kicked Joel Montgomery‘s drunk, bigoted rear.  That beating was metaphorical, of course, unlike his alleged abuse of his wife.  He will not be missed.

Districts 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9 will have runoffs, with probably the biggest surprise in District 6 — Sheila Tyson garnered 39% of the vote, while incumbent and current City Council president Carole Smitherman only got 43%.  Incumbents Valerie Abbott, Maxine Herring Parker, and Steven Hoyt will remain on the Council.

Birmingham School Board results here.  Only three incumbents, Virginia Volker, April Williams and Phyllis Wyne, won re-election outright.  One lost, and three face runoffs.  Newcomer Tyrone Belcher Sr. won in District 1, and Elisa Burns Macon and Brian Giattina are headed for a runoff in District 3.

4 Responses to “Five of Nine City Council Seats Heading for Runoff”

  1. Hrm… So Valerie Abbott, the most outspoken opponent of Langford’s policies gets to keep her seat. Joel “Lapdog” Montgomery is out. I think that sends a rather loud message, if you ask me.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yep, and Steven Hoyt kept his seat too, despite Langford’s efforts to oust him.

  3. kayman says:

    Well, for me none of the results were a surprise to me at all. Carole Smitherman has some SERIOUS competition in Shelia Tyson, the Birmingham City Neighborhood Association (CNA) president and president of the West End Neighborhood Association. Also Tyson is Patrick Cooper’s former mayor campaign manager, so she has his support (although he didn’t announce it publicly). The District 6 race is going to be the one to watch for sure because Smitherman wants to become mayor when Langford is ousted.

    This is turning out to be fodder for anybody that truly cares for the future of the City because in all likelihood if Smitherman loses then Valerie Abbott might become the Council President and possibly mayor.

  4. Kathy says:

    kayman, I know Sheila, and I think a lot of her. I was just surprised (and pleased) that she made such a dent in Smitherman’s incumbent advantage. That bodes well for future candidates seeking to unseat people who’ve been in power for a long time.

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