Good News/Bad News

The good news?  The House passed the Matthew Shepard Act today, expanding the federal hate crimes law to cover gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability (the law already covers crimes motivated by a person’s race, color, religion, or national origin).

The bad news?  All of Alabama’s congressmen (and yeah, they’re all men — surprise, surprise) voted NO, including purported “Democrats” Artur Davis, Bobby Bright, and Parker Griffith.

Okay, Bright and Griffith are white male good ol’ boys, not generally targeted by bigots.  Of course, if they were ever attacked for being Christian, they’d be covered under current law.  Davis is covered too; race-based attacks are already legally designated as hate crimes.  Screw the gays, right?  Supporting them might lose someone a few votes in the governor’s race.

Well, right back at you, Artur.  I don’t live in Bright’s or Griffith’s districts, so I have no influence over their political futures.  But you?  I’m the person you need in your corner.  White, suburban, progressive enough to vote for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate.  Too bad it won’t be you.


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