GOP: “Borrow and Spend” and Off-Budget Emergency Spending Are Bad, Bad, Bad…

now.  Where were these people when George W. Bush was hocking the US to the Chinese to pay for his off-the-books war?  And why didn’t the NPR reporter ask that question?

6 Responses to “GOP: “Borrow and Spend” and Off-Budget Emergency Spending Are Bad, Bad, Bad…”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Well, does it matter? Meaning, the question really is, are these people right about the spending? Doesn’t matter if it’s GOP, Dems, Conserv, Libs. Just because Bush was an idiot on some things, does that mean we should continue down the same path? So really, who cares where these people were when Bush was pres. Let’s look at the now. Everyone wanted change right? Well where is it? Obama looks like every other politician I’ve ever seen.

    I hate Bush spent the way he did, I really do. But, just because he doubled the deficit doesn’t mean Obama should do the same. Plus, if we say, well Bush did it, so that’s ok for Obama to do it, that’s bad logic. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And, if Obama doubles the debt like it’s starting to look like, he’ll do worse than Bush because Obama will be spending twice as much as what Bush spent. Have to really look at the numbers and see how much each person has spent and/or increased the deficit by. Saying Obama is doubling the deficit and that Bush did the same thing is very misleading because we’re talking about two very different numbers.

    Obama is currently on track to spend more money in his administration than all the presidents before him combined. And spending money we don’t have. That’s what’s scary – regardless of your political leanings.

  2. Kathy says:

    So really, who cares where these people were when Bush was pres. Let’s look at the now.

    I care where they were, as should anyone who would like to see us learn something from history so we don’t repeat it. I understand the political reasoning behind Obama’s refusal to investigate the corruption and the undermining of the balance of powers, but I think he’s wrong to avoid it.

    Bush came into office determined to give his wealthy pals a tax cut, and he then spent trillions on a preemptive war without asking the American people to do anything other than shop. (Clearly, military families and their friends sacrificed — and continue to sacrifice — tremendously, and they got screwed as well in order to benefit private contractors.) He turned a budget surplus into a whole mountain range of debt, and people like Congressman Ryan supported him all the way.

    Obama has been handed a steaming pile of shit, and he’s trying to do something to clean it up. I don’t want us to spend a bunch more money without paying as we go, and I want us as a nation to pay off our debt — and I can just about guarantee you that the same Congressman Ryan who’s suddenly so concerned about deficit spending will be screaming bloody murder when it comes time to phase out the Bush tax cuts so we can raise some revenue to cover the shortfall.

    I don’t claim to know exactly what should be done, but doing nothing while our economy continues to tank and our infrastructure continues to crumble is not only short-sighted but borders on immoral. We don’t need another Hoover administration. And I, personally, could do without the hypocritical bleatings of people like Ryan.

  3. I suspect that Obama doesn’t want to investigate because (my theory) he has already lost a lot of focus on the areas that he wanted to focus on when he became POTUS. The economy and various distractions have really hampered his ability to push his agenda, so I think he’s cutting losses where he can.

    I’ve said that I’d give him a break for the most part during the first 100 days. After that, all bets are off. The budget falls into that category because he’s had little time to make any real changes. Primarily, what’s making up the bulk of the budget are a buch of costs that were previously not included in the budget by the Bush Administration. So again, I’m giving him a break THIS TIME.

    What I will not give him a break on is his next budget. I want to see a significant improvement between this budget and the next. If I see that, I can continue to give him the benefit of a doubt.

  4. Should have added… I’m trying to be fair. I did, after all, hold off on hammering on Bush until 2004.

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