30 Minutes!

cartoon_runnerI’m a bit behind schedule reaching this milestone, but better late than never, right?

Actually, I reached it Sunday but was afraid to write about it until I’d done it twice, fearing that the first time was a fluke born of laying off for a week.  Well, sort of laying off.  I did my last 14/1, 2 cycles, 30 minutes total our first day at Disney World.  It was quiet and lovely on the exercise trail early that Sunday morning.  It was also…sandy.  A bit like running on the beach, which sounds a lot more fun than it actually is.  It may be easier on the joints, but it’s hell on the muscles.  After that, um, invigorating experience, we hit the Magic Kingdom before it opened and, except for a couple of meals and a short rest break, hiked from one side of the park to the other till 1 AM.  A couple of days like that and I decided that running would be superfluous.  In fact, my feet were so sore by the time we left Orlando on Saturday that running sounded impossibly painful.  But back to the track I went on Sunday afternoon, metaphorically holding my breath to see if I could run 30 minutes without stopping.  And I did!  Yay!

Today I ran on the treadmill.  Uphill all the way.  As I may have whined mentioned before, our treadmill has a minimum incline of 1.5 (1.5 what, I still don’t know), and it’s a lot harder than running on a nice flat track.  I didn’t have much hope that I’d finish my 30 minutes, but I did.  Which makes it real — I can actually do it!

Thanks, Dr. Renée!!!


The running program is here.

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6 Responses to “30 Minutes!”

  1. Bill says:

    You are awesome!

  2. Renee says:

    Yeah, you! Running in sand is very hard – like running through molasses! And then on the incline? The track, if it dries out around here, will be a piece of cake.

  3. Bill says:


  4. Katy says:

    I was the one that said “Congradulations”. I didn’t realize that Daddy changed the Name to his when he was over here. I am proud of you!

  5. Kiki says:

    Keep going, Kathy—you’re doing so good!

    BTW, I think it means percent, as far as the incline is concerned.

  6. Kathy says:

    Thanks! You wouldn’t think a measly 1.5% would make that much difference, but maybe I just like to whine. :)

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