Random Cool Stuff at Disney World – Part 1

Soarin’.  It’s a gift from the gods to a lifelong acrophobic who still dreams of flying.

4 Responses to “Random Cool Stuff at Disney World – Part 1”

  1. Del says:

    “Feel the wind in your hair as the air fills with the scent of orange groves, evergreens and sea breeze.” OMG, the Feelies are here! Where’s my soma?

    PS: I’m betting that somewhere in this “attraction” are the words, “Fragrances provided by Glade, a division of SC Johnson.”

  2. Tricia says:

    I got nauseated just watching the video — for the sake of my fellow humans I should abstain. But, I’m jealous. :-)

  3. One of the many cool attractions that they’ve added in the 10+ years since I’ve been… As much as I wish she’d slow down on growing up, I can’t wait for my daughter to get a little older so that we can have an excuse to go back. I don’t want to take her when she’s only 2-1/2 because she can’t fully enjoy/appreciate it. However, we’re considering leaving her with the grandparents for a few days while we go on a short trip– just Mommy and Daddy.

  4. Kathy says:

    Del, you’re right — pretty much everything here is sponsored by some corporation or other. Tricia, I was amazed that I wasn’t screaming in terror. Just kept telling myself, “I’m not really up here…”

    AlMod, I can’t tell you how many miserable three-and-unders we’ve seen here this week. They’re too little to enjoy the rides and shows, they’re hot, they’re exhausted. What’s the point? Now, coming here without the little one? That sounds like a plan!

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