Pine Belt Progressive

Gene ‘O, who has been keeping tabs on the meltdown of Alabama’s PACT program over at Left in Alabama, is blogging at Pine Belt Progressive.  Check him out!

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  1. Gene\'O says:

    Hey, thanx! Starting spring break, too. Work for a university and usually, staff works spring break. This year, things are so bad they sent us all home so they could park the vehicles and shut off the lights for a week.

    Will be doing most of my good stuff at Left in Alabama for the next little while, and staying on PACT at least through the board meeting on the 24th, unless it’s resolved before then. Countrycat got the first video from that meeting up today, and has a great story to tell.

    She deserves a big round of applause.
    The best way to get my attention, should the need arise, is to drop a link to whatever you want me to see on one of my comment threads. That’s much more reliable than e-mail with me.

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