I really shouldn’t read the Press-Register editorials

All they do is raise my blood pressure. There was that dandy one last Friday wondering about Obama’s promise of transparency, since he skulked off to the Map Room to re-take the oath of office with “only four print reporters” allowed in. And today, we have what will surely be the first in a series of  gentle reminders that our new President and the Dem-controlled Congress are a bunch of pinko Commies.  Opening sentence: “You know Congress and the White House have shifted too far to the left when a former KGB man scolds them for excessive government interference in the economy.” I guess the editorial writer got all upset when s/he read in yesterday’s paper that Mobile schools (they’re currently broke) stand to rake in a cool $77 million from the stimulus package.

I know this will come as a surprise to you all, but Alabama is one of the states that takes in more federal dollars than it pays in taxes. Here’s the ranking from fiscal year 2005, before the Katrina recovery money kicked in. We got $1.63 for every dollar we paid. Not a bad return!

So, Mobile Press-Register, if you want to recommend we quit sucking on the Federal tit to fund our schools, health care for our poor, and just about everything else that we are unwilling to pay for ourselves, then fine. Until then please STFU.

4 Responses to “I really shouldn’t read the Press-Register editorials”

  1. Bill says:

    Preach it, Sister!

  2. Kathy says:

    Ditto Bill. And this point can’t be made often enough to the people who spend their time whining about the dadgum guv’ment.

  3. Scott says:

    What gets me is that the Press-Register has some decent reporting on local issues and has a bona-fide star in editorial cartoonist and occasional op-ed writer JD Crowe. A pulitzer is in his future if he keeps up the edgy editorial cartoon writing.

    WHomever actually writes or acts as editorial page editor seemingly can’t write anything or state a position without making sure it meets conservative orthodox thinking by either being a goal of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club or because it was a chant at an unhinged “Palin Rally.” I know its harsh and the person who actually holds the position editorial page editor may face pressure to agree with right wing orthodoxy from non-journalist leaders of whatever stripe, but if the editorial doesn’t make sense don’t sign your name to it for crying out loud. Sound off often makes more sense than the MPR’s editorials.

    Despite the economy, Mobile is making progress and will continue to do so with or without agreement from the Press-Register editorial board. Can we get Stan Tiner back from the Biloxi-Sun Herald? Please? We won’t give up J.D. Crowe or Eddie Curran in exchange but we can gladly part with whomever is actually responsible for editorial content.

    The Press-Register, for its size, is actually a pretty good paper with comparatively a good amount of high quality local content. It’s one of the few papers with its circulation that is actually often worth reading. It’s a shame that, except for JD Crowe, the editorial page is a joke.

  4. Del says:

    Scott, I think the pressure is coming from Howard Bronson. They speak truth to power down there only when it’s not going to piss off the wrong people.

    We get a kick out of watching whether JD is printed on the right- or left-hand page, indicating whether he’s toeing the party line or not.

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