What we want is, we want us a big-ass new bridge

I’m so upset. A friend just forwarded “breaking news” from al.com – apparently the DOT has put the kibosh on the northern alternative route for the new Mobile River bridge. As you will learn if you plow through the linked article, they’ve been trying to get a bridge built down here for like 15 years. The Wallace tunnel (the one on I-10) gets all backed up at rush hour, because of all the white people who work in Mobile but live over on the Eastern Shore so their kids won’t have to go to school with teh Negroes.  (There, I’m so mad I just out and said it.)

Plus, the entrance is really, really crappily designed. There are accidents. There is congestion. There are bottlenecks! and the DOT really, really wants to build a nice new bridge, if possible directly over the tunnel. This would put the shadow of a hulking 200-foot high structure right over the historic buildings the tunnel was designed to spare in the first place, which is why the historic preservation folks are fighting it. More importantly (if you’re not a fluted-column-hugger) it would really, really hurt our maritime industry. They have formed a group to fight the bridge, and for a while it looked like the DOT might see sense and reroute traffic to a northern-er bridge that we already have, but no, that just won’t do.

The maritime interests have vowed to fight it in the courts. Which could easily take another fifteen years, and maybe by then we’ll have those flying cars and we won’t need a bridge after all.

Moronic commenters on al.com complaining that all the arguing is “typical Mobile” and pointing out that Greensboro eight-laned their Interstate without any fuss. Gee, commenter, did they CRIPPLE a major industry when they did it? Thought not.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    “because of all the white people who work in Mobile but live over on the Eastern Shore so their kids won’t have to go to school with teh Negroes. ”

    Perhaps it’s the lack of quality education or unsafe learning environment? I don’t know since I don’t live there, but to make such a generalized statement I think is kind of harsh. It is possible that is has nothing to do with race. Just like I don’t want my kids going to Birmingham City schools. I made that decision based on what is IMO sub par education, poor facilities and an unsafe learning environment.

  2. Scott says:

    I used to live on the Eastern Shore and moved to Mobile a while later. There are lots of people who asked me “why I wanted to go live with a pile of n%^*$@s?” and worse, but, at the same time, there are plenty of folks who live over there who moved for a variety of acceptable reasons. There are some very good public schools in Mobile County and there are some Baldwin County Public Schools which are dismal failures.

    Having said the above, there should be no solution to the Interstate 10 “Bayway” issue which involves destruction of the historic areas or disrupts the local economy. The solution seems to be an additional reversable traffic tunnel for rush hour or for high traffic weekends. Its expensive, but would it be that much more than a high rise bridge?

  3. bobbi says:

    We have a problem with not getting new bridges here in Beaufort, NC too. We have draw bridge that has 2 lanes, is constantly broke and the only way in and out of town. A high rise will cost too much but what are they going to do about the hours it takes me to get home.. a trip that is only 6 miles.

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