UAB Employee Sends Nasty Anti-Gay Email from Work Computer

Nice.  One UAB employee responded to the Day Without a Gay effort by sending a nasty email to the website:

“It’s actually shocking in this day and time,” says Jonathan Quinn, who is presidnet of Central Alabama Pride. He is talking about an e-mail, sent from a UAB employee using a government-owned e-mail account. The author called homosexuals “freaks.. the scourge of the earth.. And responsible for everything wrong in this sorry world.”

Wow, really?  Responsible for everything wrong with the world?  Who knew Teh Gaystm had so much power?

We tried to follow-up with the e-mail’s writer. “I have nothing else to say,” she said and then hung up. It should be noted that she did not deny writing the letter.

I sincerely hope she means that.  Stupid and homophobic = really should stay away from the internetz.  She may not get another opportunity to use her work email for nefarious purposes; when contacted, UAB issued the following statement:

“We have just learned of this matter and we are looking into it. If such conduct occurred it would violate our acceptable use policy. We will follow-up appropriately.”

I certainly hope UAB’s definition of “appropriately” jibes with mine: fire her bigoted ass.  She can take her free speech to the blogosphere and spew at will.  (At the very least, I hope she gets a sharp reprimand and required attendance at prejudice reduction classes.  And I hope UAB reviews her previous emails to see if she’s sent similar missives in the past.)


I can’t get the video to imbed, but you can watch it here.

Edited to correct the Day Without a Gay web address.

3 Responses to “UAB Employee Sends Nasty Anti-Gay Email from Work Computer”

  1. Scott says:

    Well? Apocalyptic homophobia is not new to Alabama or the South (and other regions), but this is the first time, excuse me, I have ever heard of orientation/identification being responsible for EVERYTHING!. That’s a big category ranging in just the last 400 years or more from chattel slavery to use of nuclear weapons, the election/re-election of W, not to mention world hunger, Nancy Reagan’s astrologist and Somali pirates among other things.

    Tell me me she works in the business office and not in admissions. Please!

  2. Kathy says:

    …this is the first time, excuse me, I have ever heard of orientation/identification being responsible for EVERYTHING!

    Spencer Bachus came close back in 2007:

    “We could lose Iraq and survive; we lost Vietnam and survived, but if we lose this battle over gay marriage, we are doomed,” he said.

    I guess he did leave open the slight possibility that someone else might be responsible for a few of the world’s problems. :)

  3. Bill says:

    Well everyone knows that Teh Gays can’t be blamed for bad taste in decorating, so “everything wrong in this sorry world” is incorrect. Please make a note of it.

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