One More in the Dem Column

Ted Stevens has lost his re-election bid. Good to know the people of Alaska won’t have a convicted felon representing them in Washington. At least for now.

8 Responses to “One More in the Dem Column”

  1. Cindi says:

    Wahoo! And it means no Sarah Palin making herself queen.

  2. Rick says:

    Some how I’m not feeling sorry for the old crook…

  3. Del says:

    I’m very ignorant, but I just now found out that Begich’s dad was on that plane with Hale Boggs that went down in 1972. Wow.

  4. Kathy says:

    Del, I didn’t know that either. How awful it must be to lose a parent that way.

    I admit I can’t muster up much sympathy for Uncle Ted. And was that the sound of a door slamming? Poor Sarah…

  5. Bill says:

    Well, at least he will have the taxpayers giving him a place to stay for the next few years.

  6. Kathy says:

    Yeah, more pork for Ted. ;)

  7. Cindi says:

    At least Bible Spice won’t make herself a Senator.

  8. Renee says:

    Cindi, “Bible Spice”! That’s hilarious!

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