Obama Wins!

It’s a watershed moment.  We’re living history right now.  I’m looking at the faces of young people on TV right now.  They’re full of delight.  So much joy, so much — dare I say it? — hope.  I’m old enough to remember a time when the idea of electing an African-American president wasn’t just a long shot; it was unimaginable.  We’ve come a long way.  We still have a lot of work to do.  Let’s get to it.


John McCain is in the midst of a very classy concession speech.  Good on him.

13 Responses to “Obama Wins!”

  1. wheeler says:

    his supporters are dicks. they booed every time mccain mentioned obama.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yeah, they were being jerks. I truly don’t think McCain knew what he was unleashing when he turned Palin loose to throw out the red meat to the base. Too bad she won’t retire to well-earned obscurity. I figure she’s probably glad on some level that Obama won, b/c that means she only has to wait four years to run for president.

  3. Jonathan says:

    @wheeler – Yeah, cause Obama’s supporters wouldn’t/didn’t do the same thing? How asinine. I remember a number of Obama’s speeches where the mere mention of McCain’s surname drew boo’s and jeer’s.

  4. wheeler says:


    should have watched obama’s speech before running your mouth. far from booing mccain, some actually cheered.

  5. Del says:

    Speaking of Palin, last I heard it looked like Stevens might actually win Alaska – which could mean a Palin/Begich senate race, which she would probably win. Can we really endure Palin on the national stage? Will she end up being the Republican nominee in 2012? It’s hard to feel good about Obama when this horrifying prospect is only four years away.

  6. Almod says:

    Didn’t vote for him, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Good speeches from both candidates. Could have done without the boos from the McCain supporters.

    I fear for the man’s life, though. There were some VERY concerning posts on al.com. A few of them have been taken down, but I think I’ll be contacting the Secret Service. That is something I do take very seriously.

  7. Kathy says:

    Almod, I made the mistake of reading a few posts there. A visit from the Secret Service might do some good for a few of the commenters, although they’d likely just add that to their conspiracy theories about Obama locking up dissenters.

    Another thing that struck me was the number of commenters saying they’re through with the USA, our country has gone down the drain, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Weren’t these the same people who constantly questioned Obama’s patriotism? Of course, they’re probably the same ones who defiantly fly their Confederate flags and dare anyone to try to stop them. Irony is dead.

  8. Jonathan says:

    @wheeler – I did watch Obama’s and you’re right, I couldn’t pick up that many boos. I was talking about previous speeches. And if you honestly think that if Obama had lost there wouldn’t be boo’s from any of his supporters at the rally? C’mon Wheeler, you seem smarter than that.

    @Kathy – I seem to remember quite a few Dem’s and lib’s last election who said they were leaving the US if Bush wins and they received no condemnation. Are GOP’ers not allowed the same freedom? Or is this another double standard?

    I’m not planning on going anywhere. I think it’s a great thing that this country is finally being awakened and people are choosing sides. People are starting to care again about this country. We saw that very clearly in this election. While I am not thrilled about the results, I have not given up on this country.

  9. Kathy says:

    Jonathan, where did I say Republicans weren’t allowed to leave the country if Obama won? I just find it ironic that the type of conservatives who claim a monopoly on patriotism are the first ones to trash their country for electing a black man. And I don’t include you in that category at all. If you’ve ever waded into the filth that is the al.com forums, you know who I mean. You, on the other hand, have never been anything other than respectful and reasonable in your comments. (Well, other than the “asinine” characterization, but that’s the heat of the moment.)

  10. Almod says:

    I think Kathy was pointing out the hypocrisy of the matter in that those same people mocked and criticized the exact same comments from liberals and Dems after the GWB elections and also questioned the patriotism of others. I doubt she’d ever question their freedom of speech.

  11. Bill says:

    Well, you could look at it this way. They may get their wish to leave. Because of Bush’s policies, the Chinese own a large chunk of America. When the Chinese start the foreclosures, I’m sure those who want to escape the Obama presidency will be the first to volunteer to move to China.

    Sorry, but these so called patriots make me barf. America is great as long as it follows their twisted vision. When it doesn’t, we’re surrendering to the black helicopters. They wanted to put GWB on Mount Rushmore in 2002, now they won’t utter his name. But they’re still leaving because the rest of the country elected Obama. I’ll quit babbling, trying to follow their so called logic makes my brain hurt.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Sorry Kathy, I knew you didn’t mean folks like me. I was simply reminding everyone that the behavior we’re seeing now from Republicans was all seen from the Democrats during the last election.

    I’ve seen the al.com forums and the ignorance is rampant. There are a lot of reasons I didn’t vote for BO, but his color wasn’t one of them. It’s sad there are still people who look at nothing more than color.

    I am concerned with the direction I think Obama will take us in and I think we did make a mistake in electing him. However, I hope he proves me wrong.

  13. Kathy says:

    I hope he does too. I hope he proves me wrong — he wasn’t my first choice.

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