Update on the Breaking News: Katopodis Indicted

John Katopodis (yes, that John Katopodis) has been indicted on federal fraud charges in connection with his work with Computer Help for Kids, a charity established by now-Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford.

Katopodis on one side, Mary Buckelew on the other. Langford must feel like he’s in one of those horror movies where the walls start closing in on you.

[Updated to correct my repeated misspelling of Katopodis. If you're going to get indicted, the least bloggers can do is spell your name correctly. :) ]

8 Responses to “Update on the Breaking News: Katopodis Indicted”

  1. Jonathan says:

    When I was a cop, guilt by association proved true far too often. I’m still hoping Langford gets his.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ll be stunned if he doesn’t, Jonathan.

  3. Almod says:

    Question is… Will Katapodis rat out Langford?

  4. Kathy says:

    Question is… Will Katapodis rat out Langford?

    Wouldn’t you if you were facing federal prison? That’s the rhetorical “you”, of course. :)

    I suspect Mary Buckelew has already told the Feds everything she knows in a bid to reduce her sentence. Surely Katopodis’ lawyer will advise him to do the same.

  5. Madison says:

    I misspell his name frequently. I fixed like, 5 typos today.

  6. Kathy says:

    Madison, I’m glad it’s not just me. I have a thing about getting names right b/c mine is frequently misspelled — even when I write it down for people. :)

  7. kayman says:

    Oh well! Katopodis deserves whatever for being so damn stupid and associating with Langford.

    Even if they get Langford, guess who will be the Mayor of Birmingham, that’s right Carole Smitherman. I’m ambivalent of Smitherman as a politician although I know and like her as a person, but it won’t be Patrick Cooper. So as I’ve said to everybody I know on here that’s not a citizen of the City of Birmingham, if you want the way things in City Hall to change then relocate and register to vote within its corporate limits. Otherwise, you conplaining about what goes on here in the City is null and void because I’m not running from this city for what goes on there.

  8. Kathy says:

    kayman, I can’t in good conscience keep my mouth shut about what goes on in Birmingham because it does affect the rest of the region, no matter where the city limit lines are drawn. I want to see Birmingham move forward with good governance because it’s best for the entire region, but I also want it for the people who live there and have to suffer the direct consequences of the decisions that government leaders make.

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