A Small Glamour/Society Moment

Two weeks ago, shortly before the husband’s 30th high school reunion, I got a book called How Not to Look Old (Charla Krupp) at the library.  So lately I’ve been, you know, trying harder. Today I served the cause by going to Dillard’s (Charla is very big on foundation garments) and on the way to lingerie I passed the shoe section. I stopped to look – Charla has some strong things to say about the kind of shoes I usually wear, too – and y’all, they are selling pole dancer shoes.  (I know they sold platform shoes in the 40s, but please.) Who the heck is wearing these shoes? It wasn’t just a couple of pairs, it was, like, a whole shoe movement.They were on practically every table except the Merrill section.

On the way home, it occurred to me that this might be a not-so-gentle shove to get the boomer women off the freaking stage already. “Okay, you old ladies. You’ve kept trim and fit, you like to keep up with fashion, you don’t want to look old. Let’s see you wearing THESE at work all day.”

Uncle. I’ll just go ahead and look old.

Update: Hah. Although these shoes are probably more extreme than the ones I was looking at.

3 Responses to “A Small Glamour/Society Moment”

  1. Kathy says:

    I couldn’t wear those shoes even when I was young. I remember falling down steps in college wearing shoes like that. Ouch!

  2. Don says:

    Methinks Del shops entirely too much, but hey, someone has to try to bolster the economy.

  3. Del says:

    Don, I really don’t like to shop and avoid it as long as possible. That’s why I need Charla so much. I look like a bag lady a lot of the time.

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