Why Am I Not Surprised?

The New York Times reports that the Alaska GOP is still pushing to re-elect Sen. Ted Stevens.

The [Alaska Republican] party is pushing for the re-election of Senator Ted Stevens, who was convicted on Monday of seven felony counts but continues his campaign for a seventh full term, in the hope that his re-election will allow Republicans to hold onto his seat even if Mr. Stevens eventually resigns.

Under that chain of events, a special election would be held later to replace Mr. Stevens, giving the party the chance to find a new candidate and keep the seat out of Democratic hands.

“That’s the reality,” said McHugh Pierre, a party spokesman. “Unfortunately, the situation’s the situation.”

Okay, I get it.  It’s all politics.  Holding the seat for Republicans is more important than distancing the party from a convicted felon.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the Alaska party would, instead, take its lumps and come back with a less corrupt candidate next time?  I thought Republicans were supposed to be “tough on crime”.

(Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t think the Dems should support the re-election of William Jefferson either.)

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  1. Del says:

    This doesn’t offend me as much as it should. To me it seems like them attempting to hold the seat for the party is just “how the game is played.” Somewhere I read speculation that if Stevens wins and then resigns, Sarah Palin, who will have the appointment in her gift, if that’s the right term, will appoint…Sarah Palin. Hah! Anyway, it looks like Begich will take it. One more for the blue column.

    And amen, amen, about Dollar Bill Jefferson. What a pitiful situation that is.

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