No Bailout for JeffCo

In a stunning non-surprise, the US Treasury Department has declined to guarantee Jefferson County’s sewer debt.  Gov. Bob Riley had requested the guarantee in order to lower interest rates on refinancing.

Not to worry, though.  Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says of a proposed restructuring that would increase residential sewer rates 20% (on top of the 329% increase since 1996):

“This is something that we can live with.”

Maybe she can.


Side note:  there are some really weird commenters at

4 Responses to “No Bailout for JeffCo”

  1. Almod says:

    Color me shocked.

  2. Kathy says:

    What color is shock anyway? We should choose one and make an executive decision that it will from now on be the color of shock.

    Yes, I know I’m weird. But still not as weird as some of those people.

  3. Renee says:

    I vote sewage green as the color of shock.

  4. Almod says:

    Sewage is green? Either way, the color of sewage would be just about appropriate.

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