How Green was my Charger

Okay, I am totally taking advantage of the power of Glamour/Society Blog access to share a petty rant. Here goes:

DD is still in the wonderful and all-too-brief “I love my new driver’s license! Got any errands you need run?” phase. Last week at Target she grabbed Energizer rechargeable batteries instead of the regular kind, but she was more than happy to go back the next day and buy an Energizer charger to go with them. What the heck, I thought, it’s time for us to be a little greener about battery use (turning off the Wii would probably be the greenest of all, but still, every little bit helps, right?)

I was a little confused when several plastic parts fell out of the package—had I already broken the damned thing just by cutting it out of its clamshell? Then I realized that “Sleek: white, black, silver” on the package copy referred to these parts. Apparently you can change out the faceplate of your Energizer Easy Charger (they make several kinds, and we now own the Easy one) to…to what? Match your decor? Your socioeconomic status? Your mood?

Look, I am the first one to buy a colorful new shell for my cell phone from one of those kiosks at the mall, and I love my yellow Dyson vacuum and my aqua silicone Kitchenaid spatula. I’m all for improving the quality of my life through plastics variety. But for God’s sake, this is a battery charger. it has about as much pizazz potential as—well, only slightly more than the batteries that go in it. And it’s not like they chose fun color options, like periwinkle or orange polka-dots or some groovy designer pattern. I couldn’t even work up enough enthusiasm about selecting white, black, or silver to be bothered reading the instructions on how to change the thing.

And it’s supposed to be green, for goodness’ sake. I don’t mean the color green, I mean, you know, environmentally conscious. How much fossil fuel went into making these stupid silver and black optional faceplates that I am about to pitch into the trash can (and from thence to the landfill) as soon as I finish writing this post? Probably enough to enlarge our carbon footprint at least enough to cancel any benefit from our family’s switch to rechargeable batteries. Especially since with a never-ending supply of AA’s, they’ll log even more hours playing on that stupid Wii.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Oh, come on, Del — you know you’ll want to change the faceplate to suit your mood. :) What were they thinking indeed? Bad enough to use the big plastic clamshells to package something that’s supposed to help keep the landfills clean.

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