Get Your Gay On, Larry

Kyle Whitmire at the Birmingham Weekly takes issue with Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s assertion that sexual orientation is a “personal lifestyle choice”, one he doesn’t condone. The Mayor has refused to sign a proclamation recognizing the annual Central Alabama Pride celebration, and he won’t let CAP hang banners in Southside for the parade. He’s thrown down the gauntlet to the LGBT community and its allies, and Kyle has kindly picked it up and made a counter-challenge. Go read it.

I won’t give anything away here, except to say that a certain exceedingly homophobic staffer will not be happy.

Oh, and this may be the best graphic EVER:


4 Responses to “Get Your Gay On, Larry”

  1. If I thought that LaLa EVER engaged his brain before he put his mouth in motion, I would be upset about his comments. But the reality is, that he just doesn’t think, so the emanations from his honor are pretty much meaningless. I gara-damn-tee you that if he could personally make money off being gay that he would do it. Maybe if Kyle offered him a line of credit at Gus Mayer?

  2. Kathy says:


    Lisa, I just about spit coffee out my nose when I read that. And I expect Frank Matthews did the same while reading Kyle’s column, but not because he was laughing.

  3. Tricia says:

    Hizonner (and Matthews) can kiss my ass instead of my mouth.

    Kyle (my new media crush) OTOH — “Call me!” :-D

  4. Bill says:


    If you read this, since I couldn’t comment after the link:

    {Sustained Applause.}

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