Official Word

UPDATE 2:  So much for the city’s inclusion resolution.  Langford’s bigotry trumps it.

UPDATE: the Birmingham News report. Thanks to Robin in comments.

Official word from Rep. Todd: Mayor Langford did not say he would deny a parade permit. He will leave the approval process to the police department. This can be a great educational opportunity for the community.

And, I might add, the mayor. No word yet on whether he’ll reverse himself regarding the proclamation and the banners.

(I’m in the middle of Music Man rehearsal, so I’m getting information on the fly. Please leave updates in comments if you hear anything.)

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  1. DJ_Derek says:

    Thank you to both you, K, and Z for keeping an eye on this and informing your readers of what’s going on.

    If you saw the Fox 6 Report, you got the general idea of the Mayor’s stance – but not ALL of it.

    At this time, it boils down to – he will not sign the proclamation nor allow for our banners to hang in Southside as they normally do all week of Pride week.

    The dummy feels the proclamation was drafted especially for him and is being used as a way to pull him and publicity into the event – where he is hugely mistaken. It’s a template that’s been used for the last 20 years in which only the name of the current mayor is updated. Every mayor has always signed it quietly and nothing else was ever asked differently of THIS mayor.

    He is angered at the negative publicity this has brought on himself, and pointing fingers at the Pride Board and Birmingham News – when it was his original statement that got everyone fired up.

    He is now using it and flipping it to his benefit – and taking the stance to gain support from the same demographic that supports his religious views.

    At any rate –
    Thank you for supporting us in this and please encourage any readers interested to march with us. Since this whole stink started, the parade will probably be watched a little harder this year since it made local news and pissed Langford off.

    Marching is FREE – you just have to fill out a short registration form that will be provided at the lineup on the day of the event. Registering a vehicle is $25 or so – I didn’t have a float last year but took my truck and a group of friends to throw beads. It’s a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome to march and parade with us!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, DJ_Derek! We have a Music Man performance the night of the parade, but I’ll be sending at least one family member to represent us. The parade really is a lot of fun, and I hope the turnout this year is HUGE!

  3. Kathy-

    When Fred Phelps came to Santa Fe we did a silent protest with businesses downtown. WE got the weekly rag to print a rainbow flag so that everyone could tear out the page and put it in their window. We had this massive saturation all around town, people put it in their businesses, homes, churches. It was great to meet the Phelps clan with such force and dignity. Maybe you can try something like that. Who needs big banners if there are small flags everywhere?

  4. Kathy says:

    That’s a great idea, Miss Wild Thing, and I bet I know just the weekly to do it.

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