Take Action!

Want to let Homewood Mayor Barry McCulley know what you think about his giveaway to the McCain campaign? The folks from Bright Blue Dot have a couple of suggestions:

TODAY, contact the city officials responsible and let them know how you feel:

Mayor Barry R. McCulley
City: 332-6103
Cell: 229-7321
Email: barry.mcculley@homewoodal.org

City Council President, J. “Ginger” Busby
Voice Mail (City) 332-6113

FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS, every time you shop, eat or fill up in Homewood, let them know you’re spending “Blue Dot Money.” Just write the phrase on your receipt and make sure they get it. It’s easy. Painless. And it makes a point, quietly and powerfully. If enough of us do it, business leaders will let the mayor hear from them. And we think he needs to hear from everybody.

Sounds like a plan to me.

2 Responses to “Take Action!”

  1. Roy says:

    After I wrote the mayor and complained, he sent me a response that stated that he “was not a member of the Republican party” and that he was simply trying to increase the City’s revenue from Rosewood Hall. I now understand that he has abandoned that position and has admitted that he was wrong to unilaterally award the McCain campaign a discounted fee and the free use of inmate labor.

  2. Kathy says:

    Nice of him to admit it. He may not be a member of the Republican party, but I bet we can guess where his sympathies lie. Thanks, Roy!

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