Convention Bill Hearing Wednesday

The House Committee on Constitution and Elections will hold a hearing on HB308 this Wednesday at 8:30 AM on the 8th Floor in the House Chamber. This bill, and its companion in the Senate SB243, would permit the people of Alabama to vote on whether or not they want the legislature to call a citizens’ convention to rewrite the 1901 Constitution.

Got that? Our current Constitution allows only two methods for reform, a convention or an article-by-article rewrite, and both must be initiated by the legislature. Citizens must go, metaphorical hats in hand, to beg permission to reform our basic governing document, the one that empowers the legislature in the first place. If you’ve missed out on the discussion of why we need reform, check out Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform and/or read some of my previous rants on the subject.

If you can go to the hearing, do it. Committee members are swayed by strong shows of support, and your presence could help to counter the influence of lobbyists for groups like Alfa, which is adamantly opposed to anything that might threaten its control. And, if nothing else, some of the opposition speakers may provide some entertainment value.

Also, check the list below and contact any or all of the committee members to let them know you support letting the people vote on a convention:

House of Representatives Constitution and Elections Committee

Chair, Jimmy Martin, (D) District 42, Clanton

State House: (334) 242-7714

Cell: (205) 389-1735

Vice Chair, Tommy Sherer, (D), District 13, Jasper
Cell: (205) 522-2348
State House: (334) 242-7694

Jay Love, (R), Ranking Minority Member, District 74, Montgomery
Cell: (334) 224-0822
State House: (334) 242-7716

George Bandy, (D), District 83, Opelika
Home: (334) 749-0051
State House: (334) 242-7721

Greg Canfield, (R), District 48, Vestavia Hills
District: (205) 824-4734
State House: (334) 242-7763

Randy Davis, (R), District 96, Daphne
Work: (251) 442-2552
State House: (334) 242-7724

Chad Fincher, (R), District 102, Semmes
Home: (251) 649-5153
State House: (334) 242-7778

James Gordon, (D), District 98, Saraland
Work: (251) 476-7246
State House: (334) 242-7772

Joseph Mitchell, (D), District 103, Mobile
Work: (251) 473-5020
State House: (334) 242-7735

Mary Moore, (D), District 59, Birmingham
Home: (205) 322-0254
State House: (334) 242-7608

Jack Page (D), District 29, Gadsden
Work: (256) 549-8287
State House: (334) 242-7742

Patricia Todd, (D), District 54, Birmingham
Work: (205) 324-9822
State House: (334) 242-7718

Ken Guin, (D), District 14, Carbon Hill
Work: (205-924-0061)
State House: (334) 242-7674

Micky Hammon, (R), District 4, Decatur
Home: (256) 350-0375
State House: (334) 242-7709

Barry Mask, (R), District 31, Wetumpka
Cell: (334) 328-9231
State House: (334) 242-7782

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  1. Bhmhomeboy says:

    Hi Kathy,
    After reading the “entertianment” link on this post, I became worried about what some people might try and put into a new constitution. What if there is a group that wants to make it illegal for gays to be school teachers , or everyone must be a Soutern Baptist etc? There is also a question of how the delegates would be chosen, campaign financing becomes an issue also. Just a thought, but it might be better to rewrite article by article.

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