Alabama Arise

I’m off to Alabama Arise Lobby Day in Montgomery.  If you’re free, join us at 9:30 at the state capitol.  Spend some time learning about the issues Arise is working on and then visit with your legislator.  It’s a great opportunity for some face time with the people who are elected to represent you.

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  1. Don says:

    Kathy, could you feel out the leadership of Alabama Arise about how they feel about Initiative and Referendum (I&R) being the key that would unlock the door for REAL reform and accountability legislation in Alabama?

    I think that Alabama Arise and other grassroots groups, as well as voters in general, would benefit from helping Alabama to become the 25th I&R state. I would love to see that organization and others express support for, and work for the passage of, Representative Mike Ball’s I&R constitution amendment, HB423.

    If they seem interested, ask them to at least visit my website –

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