Our Tax Dollars At Work

Remember how the Jefferson County Commission voted to allow two commissioners to give $15,000 to support a conference put on by the right-wing Eagle Forum? Yeah, me too. Despite some outcry from taxpayers, the Commission went ahead with the donation, and yesterday the Eagle Forum brought Phyllis Schlafly to town.

Schlafly, wearing her usual red power suit, spoke to about 350 people, mostly older and almost all white [I'm stunned], at the Eagle Forum of Alabama’s 27th annual leadership conference. It was a get-together paid for in part with the help of a $15,000 donation of public tax dollars from the Republican-dominated Jefferson County Commission.

In an hourlong and sometimes rambling presentation, Schlafly said she senses a defeatist attitude among conservatives looking ahead to the fall’s presidential election. In a thinly veiled shot at presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, Schlafly told the crowd to take heart, that real conservatives took “control of the party in 1964 and again in 1980 and we can do it again.”

McCain’s conservative credentials long have been questioned by social conservatives such as Schlafly.

Schlafly told the group that if they were unhappy with “our” candidates, to look at the other party.

“But, don’t you feel sorry for the Democrats?” Schlafly said. “They have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.” [Gosh, yes, isn't it dreadful to be forced to choose between two good candidates who happen to be a woman and a black man? I'm sure Phyllis would find that too icky for words.]

The crowd burst into applause.

She spent part of her hour railing against the threat to national security posed by gay marriage and told the crowd we need more Supreme Court justices like Clarence Thomas. Well, gosh, at least she didn’t endorse anyone. I guess her McCain hatred will protect her tax-exempt status, at least for now. It doesn’t matter; I still want my money back.

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  1. Helen says:

    Me too, Kathy!

    I just read the first story filed by the Bham News from this morning’s session, where Kris Kobach, AG Ashcroft’s chief advisor on immigration law and border security and lead attorney in the Hazelton case advocated for towns and states to implement immigration policy on their own. He also praised the e-verify system, which has been improved, but still has bugs.

    The Libertarian-inclined have raised questions about unintended consequences that go way beyond errors in ‘no-match’ findings (most likely to happen to the foreign born), to enshrinement of REAL ID and even effects on gun owners. This goes way beyond the designation of employers as Border Patrol agents for “internal enforcement.”

  2. Del says:

    As outrageous as I think it was to spend public dollars on this “forum,” I think taking her remark (“they have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama”) as racist ‘n’ sexist is a little OTT. After all, those poor Republicans have to choose between McCain and Huckabee, and the, um, unsatisfactory nature of that choice has nothing to do with the fact that they’re both white guys. (Although I’m sure there are those who would violently disagree.)

    Towns implementing immigration policy on their own. Oh, Lawdy Jesus help us now.

  3. Kathy says:

    Perhaps the racist part is OTT, given her love for Clarence Thomas (although I’d suggest there’s an element of IOK[to be black]IYAR). I stand by the sexism, however. Phyllis has made a career of telling women they belong at home, and I’m quite sure she disapproves strongly of the idea of any female president.

  4. Del says:

    Well just cause women belong at home, I can’t see why one shouldn’t be President. You can pretty much stay in the White House the whole time :)

  5. Bill says:


    Unless said President would be her.

    On another note, can we sue to get our $15,000 back?

  6. Helen says:

    I sure hope so, Bill. Every time my water and sewer bill comes, I get mad all over again.

    How they can claim nonpartisan is beyond me. speakers were all Republicans, were they not. Kris Kobach, who ranted on immigration is also head of the Republican Party of Kansas and tight with the white-supremacist group FAIR.

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