Rudy’s Out, Plans to Endorse McCain

Rudy’s demise was inevitable. After focusing all his hopes on Florida, he came in a distant third in last night’s primary. And this after a string of sixth-place finishes. Well, he did manage to squeak in ahead of Ron Paul to claim fourth place in New Hampshire — with 9% of the vote.

Perhaps Rudy’s campaign failed because Republican primary voters considered him too liberal, although that hasn’t stopped many of them from supporting flip-floppin’ Mitt Romney, who challenged Ted Kennedy from the left in his 1994 Senate race. Maybe it was the interchangeable wives or the unsavory associations. Or it could be that even hardcore Republicans couldn’t stomach his constant drumbeat of “a noun, a verb and 9/11″.

If I were McCain, I don’t think I’d be all that excited about the endorsement.

6 Responses to “Rudy’s Out, Plans to Endorse McCain”

  1. Nancy says:

    Amen to that! I suppose I am going to have to decide now myself! Thankfully, I think we have 2 really good candidates though I think I am leaning toward Hillary. Can’t put my finger on why — just one of those gut feelings. Glad to hear your neighbor Dem’s are coming out and making some noise. Joey had to listen to the State of the Union speech the other night and then write up his thoughts. I will try to get them from him and share. He’s true blue. Pretty interesting to hear the thoughts of a 17 year old. My kids are at a blue school, too. Interesting for Nashville, huh?

  2. Bhmhomeboy says:

    My gut is telling me that Hillary as the nominee would insure a President John McCain in 2008.

    My problem with Hillary is she voted for the Iraq War Resolution. At least John Edwards admitted he was lied to and that his vote was a mistake.

  3. David says:

    A McCain/Huckabee ticket scares me – and I fear that’s coming.

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh dear God, David, that’s enough to give me nightmares. And it could happen. Romney may be running second right now, but Huckabee is right behind him in national polls, and it appears that McCain intensely dislikes Romney. I’ve also heard a good bit of McCain/Lieberman speculation, but I doubt Holy Joe wants to lose his committee assignments, even if he is likely to pull a Zell Miller at the 2008 Republican convention.

  5. Kathy says:

    Nancy, I agree. We have two excellent candidates, both of them light-years ahead of any Republican on the ticket.

    Poor Joey; I can’t believe he was forced to listen to W blather. I would love to hear his observations. He’s so lucky he’s in a blue school. My children are not so blessed. :)

  6. Del says:

    Bhmhomeboy, I tend to agree with you. I just know too many people who dislike Hillary, on both sides of the aisle.

    McCain/Huckabee? Oh dear Lord. And if elected, he’d be the oldest Prez ever sworn in, right? There’s that whole “heartbeat away” thing—i mean, although 70 is the new 55 notwithstanding. Or whatever. It’s late, I’m tired.

    Mobile voted today because Mardi Gras is Tuesday. Our precinct had to hold up operations briefly around 6:15 because they ran out of ballots—Dem ballots, that is. (Plenty of Republican ones.) More were rushed to the scene by a member of the sheriff’s department. This is a majority-black inner-city precinct and frankly usually you can walk right into a booth no matter what time you show up to vote. Isn’t this GREAT??

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