Edwards Leaves the Race

John Edwards suspended his run for the Democratic presidential nomination today. Melissa has a lovely post reflecting on his campaign and its welcome focus on the millions of people who haven’t benefited from George W. Bush’s efforts to enrich his friends.

Edwards hasn’t announced an endorsement, but if he makes one I predict he’ll go with Obama. His campaign consultant Mudcat Saunders has already taken to the airwaves this morning to say he’ll do everything in his power to make sure Edwards doesn’t back Hillary Clinton. Saunders has shown himself to be a sexist dick at least once during the campaign, appearing on the Rachel Maddow show at the height of the hugely overblown “Hillary cried” kerfuffle and pulling out the old “If she can’t handle the stress of a campaign, how will she handle it when bombs start falling over there?” chestnut. (To her credit, Rachel, no Hillary supporter, called him on it immediately. I don’t have an audio link to his remarks, but here’s a link to the blog comments for the day of that show.) Today, he informed us all that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a violation of the 22nd Amendment. Good to know he doesn’t see women as entities separate from men.

Not that I think Edwards feels that way. I don’t. But unless Saunders is a total loose cannon, as well as an asshole, I think the Edwards camp has telegraphed its punch on this one. We’ll see.

13 Responses to “Edwards Leaves the Race”

  1. Roy says:

    Well, to be fair, Edwards couldn’t very well lambast Hillary for the past year as being the Washington lobbyists’ best friend and then turn around and endorse her.

  2. Kathy says:

    You mean like this?

    “I know Sen. Obama gave a speech today, and he’s a good guy, but I listen to the talk about, ‘I’m going to give the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the oil companies a seat at the table, and I’m going to sit at that table, and I’m going to negotiate with them, and they will voluntarily give their power away.’ Well, that’s not the world that I live in. They’ll give their power up when we take their power away from them.”

    Oh, sorry. Wrong candidate. :)

  3. Roy says:

    Accusing him of being too nice is a whole lot different than calling her “bought and paid for.” Sorry, I can live with that.

  4. Kathy says:

    Roy, serious question here. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, are you going to sit home on November 4?

  5. KathyF says:

    Edwards misquoted Obama there. Obama has said they’d have a seat at the table, they just wouldn’t have all the seats.

    There’s been some under-the-radar buzz about Edwards endorsing Hillary. I think it was from a Fineman article, who usually has a good handle on things. I don’t think he will, but it’s interesting to speculate.

    I’m even more curious about Bill R.’s endorsement, or if it will be forthcoming at all. He better do it soon, because I’m leaving this weekend and will be without computer or TV access. Darn!

  6. Roy says:

    Kathy, serious answer: I would never sit at home on election day. I will say that the Clintons’ actions and tactics in the last few weeks have definitely dampened my enthusiasm for voting for Hillary in November. More importantly, I think that they have served to alienate a large number of Democrats and independents.

  7. David says:

    I’m scared we’ll be facing a McCain/Huckabee ticket

  8. ALmod says:

    I have actually heard that he left the race for Obama’s benefit. He knew he wouldn’t win, and he knew it wasn’t close. His supporters may swing toward Obama, but if he sat through Super Tuesday, he could have taken votes away from Obama and potentially cost him the nomination. I’ve also heard rumors that he wants to be a running mate for one of the two.

    On a side note, I would NEVER vote for a McCain/Huckabee ticket. In the last few months, I’ve gone from thinking Huck may be okay to Huck is a religious fanatic who has SO MUCH MORE potential to make things even more worse than the current president. McCain I used to love but have lost support for him since he started courting Bush foreign policy. I really dislike Hillary Clinton, but I would vote for her if my only other choice were McCain/Huckabee.

  9. Kathy says:

    Roy, I admit I was using you as a test case, and I didn’t expect your answer to be anything other than it was. Perhaps it will be an example to others who just can’t bring themselves to vote for the Democratic candidate even if that means they’re making it more likely that a Republican will win.

  10. Roy says:

    Kathy, now that Ann Coulter has said that she will vote for Hillary if McCain gets the GOP nomination, I am re-thinking my whole position.

  11. Kathy says:

    “Kathy, now that Ann Coulter has said that she will vote for Hillary if McCain gets the GOP nomination, I am re-thinking my whole position.”


    Yeah, because I know you look to Ann Coulter for guidance in your voting decisions. I had to google to see if you were serious or if this was more of an Onion-type story. I guess Ann’s still allowed to vote since she managed to avoid felony voter fraud charges last year.

  12. Roy says:

    Now, there’s something we could agree on: taking away that hussie’s right to vote (or just making her shut the hell up).

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