Obama Wins Big in SC, Draws Huge Crowd in Birmingham

Barack Obama won the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday with a convincing 55% of the votes cast. As big as that win is, what might be an even bigger story is the ongoing record turnout of voters for Democratic primaries and caucuses around the country. In South Carolina, more than 532,000 people went to the polls. That’s an increase of around 240,000 over 2004, and it’s also 87,000 more than the turnout for the Republican primary last week. Could South Carolina end up blue in November?

Obama followed his South Carolina win with a town hall meeting at Bartow Arena here in Birmingham yesterday. The Birmingham News, known for its tendency to low-ball attendance figures, reported that more than 11,000 people came to the event. By contrast, Mike Huckabee, who should be a favorite in Alabama if you believe all the stereotypes about redneck Bible-beaters*, only drew an estimated 2,200 for his appearance at Samford University on Saturday.

Eleven thousand, huh? I doubt that many people will watch tonight’s State of the Union address. Voluntarily, anyway. This could be a very good year for Democrats. Knock on wood.


* I’m not claiming that all the people who went to see Huckabee are redneck Bible-beaters; I’m just poking back a bit at the conventional wisdom around the blogosphere that the mere fact of growing up white in the South guarantees one will be a redneck Bible-beater. If that were true, Huckabee, a white Southern Baptist preacher, would have drawn a much larger crowd.

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  1. My poor daughter was double-whammied by presidential candidates. The Make A Change workshop, which was at Samford on Saturday, was cut short due to Huckabee’s appearance.Then yesterday’s meeting of BAGSLY (Bham Alliance of Gay Straight and Lesbian Youth) was very small because everyone was at Obama’s TownHall/revival.

    I’m still a Hillary supporter (go ahead, flame me – I happen to like bitches because I am one myself) but Obama is truly inspirational. He is getting young people excited about being involved in our democracy, and that can only be a good thing.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m not going to flame you. I like Hillary too. And isn’t it great that there is so much going on in Birmingham, even if it’s impossible to get to everything? Pretty cool.

  3. KathyF says:

    Hey, thanks for the report. I was wondering! Amazing.

  4. Roy says:

    The Obama rally was a wonderful experience. Aside from seeing so many motivated and inspired Democrats (and even a few Dem-curious Republicans), the event was notable for its amazing diversity. Black, white, young, old, and everything in between.

  5. Kathy says:

    Roy, I didn’t make it to this one, but his event last summer was the same way — a very diverse audience, and all of them excited to be there.

  6. jaleo23 says:

    I was there and it was very close to 11,000 people either inside or sitting on the outside listening to Obama at the Town Hall meeting. It was quite amazing to see so many people of all age groups and ethnicities at a rally like this. This let’s a lot of people know that they want change in DC and I’m hoping that that change is Obama.

  7. BettyH says:

    There are three good candidates among the democrats this year! I really like Edwards, and I hope a lot of people will come out and see him when he is in Birmingham on Saturday! I heard him in September when he was here before, and I have heard his wife speak twice. I think they care deeply about people, and Edward’s plans are detailed and make a lot of sense to me. This is a friendly blog, and I love the pictures of the pets! I just wanted to post and say I hope you will come an hear Edwards if you have a chance. (Two of my dogs support Edwards…but the third dog refuses to say. I fear he may be a Republican!)

  8. Kathy says:

    (Two of my dogs support Edwards…but the third dog refuses to say. I fear he may be a Republican!)


    BettyH, it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch.

  9. Roy says:

    Kathy, please encourage your dogs to support Senator Obama now that Edwards has quit the race. One fact to share with them: Obama’s two young daughters agreed to let their father run for President because they saw first dog Barney on their tour of the White House and they assumed that they would finally get a dog if dad wins. Your pooches can sign up at http://www.Barkers4Barack.com.

  10. BettyH says:

    I hope those little girls get a dog either way! Dogs and kids have a natural bond and love each other a lot!

    My dogs are not sure who they will support. Two are sad this morning… but the Republican dog seems to be somewhat pleased…..

  11. Roy says:

    Ok, I made up that whole Barkers4Barack thing, but you should check out: http://www.obamadog.com. Paraphrasing Sen. Obama, I personally believe that there are no Republican dogs or Democratic dogs, there are just dogs. We must resist the old politics of breed or pedigree and embrace the future in which all dogs are equal and even the scragliest pup can grow up to be President.

  12. BettyH says:

    Very cute pictures!! Beautiful dog!!

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