Serial Killer In Training?

Good God, how sick does someone have to be to skin a dog alive? I heard about this last week, but I thought it best for the sake of my own mental health to pretend it didn’t happen.

Authorities in Cullman County are investigating a shocking case of animal cruelty. Police said a Vinemont family’s beagle was skinned alive and had to be euthanized, but a second beagle escaped with minor lacerations.

Neal Rodgers said he had let the family’s two beagles run loose in a rural part of Vinemont located on Cullman County Road 1428 last weekend. He said he first thought his 3-year-old dog named Anne had been hit by a car, but after a closer look it was clear someone skinned his dog alive.

Now several private citizens and animal groups have donated or pledged over $35,000 in reward money. My knee-jerk thought was, “$35,000 for a dog?,” but then I remembered that animal cruelty is one of the indicators of a future serial killer. Maybe serious intervention now can prevent more tragedy later. Anyway, I hope the police catch the cretin(s) who did this and insist on both serious punishment and intensive therapy.

3 Responses to “Serial Killer In Training?”

  1. WTF? What the hell happens to someone to get them to THAT point. Stuff like this just churns my goddamn stomach.

  2. Del says:

    I know. It’s like those Stephen King books where the demon who lives in the storm drain has taken over. Gives a lot of credibility to that kind of belief system if you ask me.

  3. Sansou says:

    Oh geez; it gets worse! A day or two later, I read a “brief” in the B’ham News that two dogs had been tied to railroad tracks (alive) and run over. This was in and around Russellville, Ala.

    Please tell me that the sicko(s?) who did this will be caught and put away.

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