Tancredo Won’t Run for Re-Election

Another one bites the dust. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-we hate the brown people) has announced that he will not run for re-election to Congress. He says his pet issue, throwing out all the brown people and building an electric fence around the United States illegal immigration, has attained national prominence, so he isn’t needed anymore. He’s fought the good fight, and now he’ll concentrate on his losing presidential campaign.

I supposed there’s a miniscule chance his poll numbers will rise above the low single digits, but he says most immigrant-haters are supporting “another candidate”. Gee, that wouldn’t be Ron Paul, would it?

3 Responses to “Tancredo Won’t Run for Re-Election”

  1. I can’t wait for him to publish his memoirs, I Learned To Hate Anything Slightly Different Than Me And How You Can, Too. What a first-class jackass.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wonder how quickly that one would end up in the remainder bin. :)

  3. Helen says:

    Randall, he’s already written “In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security,” a cry for protection of borders, language and culture from the invading brown hordes and Muslim murderers.

    I’ve got the Hoover library’s copy for another week or so–find it hard not to put down.

    Kathy, there was a “special offer” of $4.95 for the screed over a year ago.

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