A post from the Suburban Housewife who hates DST

So, our fancy electronic clock radio by the bed “fell back” an hour all by itself, and the husband, who is on call, was late for morning rounds. But no matter, because I am so proud that our Congressboro is fighting the evil terroristski with their so-devious daylight savings time increasement. WAY to lessen our dependence on foreign oil!

Wasn’t this change supposed to be temporary, and accompanied by a study on whether or not DST is really saving us any energy at all any more, what with modern air conditioning and two cars in every driveway? How’s that study coming along, anyway?


Note from Kathy: I’m so clueless that I’d totally forgotten that the time change usually takes place this weekend. For anyone else as behind schedule as I am, here’s a link to the story.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it — I prefer daylight savings time. I can’t stand it when it’s dark before 5 pm. Probably a bit of seasonal affective disorder. And some childhood memories of DST on Eastern time, when we could stay outside playing till nearly 10 at night. Dear Husband likes the standard time, but he’s an early morning person, which I most decidedly am not. :)

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