Reports on Constitutional Reform Forum

I was really pleased with last night’s Constitutional Reform Forum, which was sponsored by the Over the Mountain Democrats. Approximately 150 people turned out for a high-level discussion of the nuts and bolts of the reform process and the obstacles that stand in the way of a new, improved constitution that would better serve the citizens of Alabama. The evening felt like an upper-level political science seminar, taught by the best and most engaging professors, so of course it was heaven for a political (and policy) geek like me.

Because I was involved in the backstage management of the event, I did not take my usual copious notes, so I’m turning to Danny at Doc’s Political Parlor for in-depth coverage. He’s going to recap the event in several posts, and I’ll add links as they come. Thanks, Danny, for letting me ride your coattails. I’ll keep an eye out for other coverage as well.

Danny’s posts:


I didn’t have a chance to post this yesterday, but the Monday night showings of “It’s a Thick Book”, Lewis Lehe’s funny and informative documentary on the 1901 Constitution, were also successful. I was part of a small but enthusiastic group at Mountain Brook High School, and the Young Democrats advisor at Hoover High reports that they drew around 100 people, almost all students. Yay! You can watch “It’s a Thick Book” online or get your very own copy of the DVD here.

UPDATE:  I forgot to say that we had students from Hoover, Huffman, and Mountain Brook High Schools in attendance last night.

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  1. Danny says:

    Kathy, you are more than welcome. It might be tomorrow before I get everything posted that I would like. This is a busy Wednesday.

    At the moment, in between meetings, I am at a noisy pizza place that has wi-fi. (If it is going to be loud I wish I could hear one song I recognize.) At the moment I cannot put my hands on my notes, and if I could I’m not sure I could think.

    It was a good event.

  2. Kathy says:

    “If it is going to be loud I wish I could hear one song I recognize.”

    :lol: Just wait till your kids are older. You’ll know all the music, whether you want to or not.

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