Constitutional Reform: The Next Generation

UPDATE: Times corrected for tonight’s events.   7:00 at Mountain Brook HS, 6:30 at Hoover HS.

Okay, we’ve talked pros and cons long enough. Anyone who doesn’t think Alabama needs a new constitution either hasn’t been paying attention or is benefiting way too much from the bloated, cumbersome, power-concentrated-in-Montgomery status quo. Really — this constitution has been amended 799 times in 106 years. The US Constitution, on the other hand, has been amended only 27 times since its drafting in 1787, and the first ten make up the Bill of Rights. Now it’s time to focus on the best methods for reform and how to get the Alabama PTB moving on an issue that enjoys wide bipartisan support among the state’s citizens.

If you’d like a little refresher course, or if you just enjoy good (and funny) documentaries, come to Mountain Brook High School at 6:30 7:00 or Hoover High School at 7:00 6:30 Monday night for a showing of “It’s a Thick Book”, sponsored by the Young Democrats at each school. Follow that up on Tuesday night at 6:30 with “Constitutional Reform: The Next Generation”, sponsored by the Over the Mountain Democrats. Former Gov. Albert Brewer, a long-time supporter of reform, will give the keynote address, followed by a panel discussion featuring Gov. Brewer, Lenora Pate (Co-Chair of ACCR), Gary Palmer (President of the Alabama Policy Institute), Lynn Douglas (Board President of Alabama Arise), and Rep. Paul DeMarco (R-District 46).

More information here. See you there!

4 Responses to “Constitutional Reform: The Next Generation”

  1. Roy says:

    So a Democratic political organization is putting on a program with a Republican legislator and a right-wing Republican mouthpiece on the panel? How are we ever going to keep this state divided and backward if we start doing things that transcend party lines? Shame on you.

  2. Kathy says:

    :lol: ! At least I know the organizers and moderator will keep everyone in line.

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