Help me to understand

Okay. So the “Muzzle the Mercenary Dogs of War” bill passed with only 30 Republicans voting against it. So, I thought I would look up how our own Alabama reps had voted, just to shake my head with disgust because (surely!) all the Republicans would have voted No. But…lo and behold all except Mike Rogers voted Yes. Jo Bonner voted Yes! Spencer Bachus voted Yes! And this is after Mr. Bush clearly gave a strong condemnation of the bill!

As Moe Szyslak would say, “Wha…?” Don’t these loyal Republicans understand that the security of the Justice department rests on Blackwater’s professionals being able to, um, handle situations as they see fit?

3 Responses to “Help me to understand”

  1. Larry says:

    Obviously loyalty to their own pocketbooks mean more to loyalty to America, and what is right.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yeah, I’m trying to reconcile Spencer’s break with Bush over this with his support for Bush in opposing the SCHIP bill. Isn’t it unpatriotic to oppose mercenaries who work for private companies run by major Republican donors? I’m sure the Bushies would say so. OTOH, voting against the children doesn’t look good either.

    I guess the real soldiers (those who still support the war) who’ve expressed concern about Blackwater and the other private contractors provide cover for Republicans to vote against Bush on this one, while the pundits who scream about socialism protect them when they stick with him on SCHIP.

  3. Del says:

    I see – they could be responding to military criticism of Blackwater. Hmmm. But still, I’m impressed that 4 out of 5 Alabama Republicans crossed Bush on this one. I wonder how Sessions & Shelby will vote?

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