Assistant US Attorney Charged in Child Sex Sting

Actually, I’d call it a child rape sting. I’m not sure why this isn’t 24-hour headline news, but it looks like OJ has knocked it off the radar. Assistant US Attorney John David Roy Atchison of Gulf Breeze FL is accused of arranging an assignation with what he thought was a five-year-old girl. That’s FIVE. YEARS. OLD.

John D.R. Atchison, 53, of Gulf Breeze, Fla., was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after several weeks of Internet conversations between the prosecutor and a detective posing as the mother of a 5-year-old girl, authorities say.

Officials said Atchison, an assistant U.S. attorney in Florida, made the trip anticipating a sexual encounter but was arrested instead. He was carrying presents for the girl, including a doll and hoop earrings, and also had sexual materials, including petroleum jelly, Sheriff Mark Hackel said.

A federal grand jury added a charge Tuesday of crossing state lines with intent to have sex with someone younger than 12. Atchison also faces charges of use of the Internet to seek illicit sex and interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual contact. He could face up to life in prison.

Petroleum jelly. Jesus. He also assured the “mother” that he wouldn’t hurt the little girl because he’d had lots of practice and knew how to be gentle.

According to the complaint, Atchison reassured the sheriff’s deputy who was posing as the child’s mother that he would not hurt the 5-year-old because he goes “slow and easy,” and “I’ve done it plenty.”

And to add to the creepy factor, this “family man” coached children’s sports. His MySpace profile might have set off some alarms had the parents seen it:

According to court documents, Atchison — who served as the president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, which includes youth athletics like soccer and T-ball — described himself as “very much a family man” in online chats from Aug. 29 to Sept. 16 with an undercover officer posing as a mother interested in letting men have sex with her children.

During continuous conversations, he expressed a desire to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex with her fictitious daughter. Money was not part of the discussion.

Atchison’s reputation before the arrest is a stark contrast from his MySpace description.

A MySpace page, that a court document said was Atchison’s, said he enjoyed spoiling young girls. Atchison allegedly described himself in his profile as: “Handsome, educated, professional, experienced Daddy. I love younger girls.”

His general interests are listed as “surfing, diving, boating … everything to do with the water … music and cute girls.”

I really do wish law enforcement officials and the reporters who have covered the story would call this what it is — making arrangements to commit rape. One doesn’t “have sex” with a five year old.


There’s been lots of online speculation as to Atchison’s political affiliation, which has not so far been mentioned in any news reports I’ve seen. Even the Freepers appear to be conceding that he’s a Republican based on Florida voter registration records (after some initial screeching that the lack of party identification in media coverage had to mean he was a Democrat).  Wev.  If he did what he’s accused of, he’s lower than pond scum.


H/T, Melissa and PortlyDyke at Shakesville

11 Responses to “Assistant US Attorney Charged in Child Sex Sting”

  1. Tom Hilton says:

    Good lord…I feel like I need to take about a half dozen showers after reading that. Sick bastard.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yeah, it makes my skin crawl. I’m really, really glad there wasn’t an actual child involved this time, but it sounds like there were others. Ugh.

  3. Jennifer says:

    SICK!!!!!!!!!!! Was he wearing adult diapers for the trip??!!!!!!

  4. Del says:

    As much as this made me sick to my stomach, and as much as I would personally be willing to pull the switch on this bastard (if he’s proven guilty) and worry about the damage to my immortal soul later, I still am very uncomfortable with the wholesale prosecution of “victimless” crimes we seem to be embarking on. In order for this crime to actually take place, there would have to be a real mama offering access to her real five-year-old. Are there parents out there doing that? (Sadly, that answer is probably yes, at least if the price is high enough. This morning the husband wondered, are they also trolling the internets for parents offering their kids for sex, as well as the perverts who want to “have sex” with them?)

    Thought police, Minority Report, Pillowman, whatever metaphor you want to use, we have decided to prosecute crimes that have only occurred in people’s (admittedly sick) imagination. Yes, I know he bought presents and Vaseline. There are a lot of teenage boys running around with condoms in their wallets – it doesn’t mean they’re all going to get laid this weekend. I would have no problem with LE using information gleaned from this kind of setup to monitor people, with (yes!) wiretapping or other technology, and wait for them to commit a real crime. But as Mr. Stevenson (I think it was him) said, we all have thoughts that would shame hell, and I don’t like the idea of the government policing them.

    Flame at will.

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m not going to flame you, but I am going to disagree. I see a big difference between thinking about having sex with a five year old and making specific arrangements to do so, to the point of contacting the erstwhile parent, setting a meeting place, buying toys and sex accoutrements, and traveling across country. The first may point to a sick fantasy life; the second points to intent to commit rape.

    And therein lies another difference: I see no equivalence between a teenage boy who carries a condom in order to have safe sex with his consenting girlfriend (or even in the hope of getting lucky) and an adult buying KY Jelly so that he can forcibly penetrate a child, who has no agency to consent, whether she is fighting like a tiger or terrified into submission.

    As for waiting till the “actual crime” takes place, when would that be in this case? He wasn’t proposing to pay for the sex, and as you say possession of toys and KY Jelly is not inherently illegal, so the police would have to wait until he was in the act of raping a real live child before they could make an arrest. That’s assuming they knew about it. He told the undercover officer that he had experience with young girls, but apparently no one had caught him before.

    How about this scenario? The police get a tip that my husband is looking for someone to murder me. Do they wait to act until after I’m shot to pursue the case, or do they try to get him to hire an undercover officer to do the job? Granted, in that case they could arrest him as soon as money changed hands, but he still wouldn’t have committed murder — he would have only thought about it.

    And yeah, I do see this as different from the Larry Craig situation, because he was trying to solicit something that was legal, sex with another consenting adult, with no exchange of money involved. I don’t think he needs to be screwing in a public restroom, but otherwise it’s his own business.

  6. Moderate Libby says:

    Kathy, I agree with you.

  7. Natalie says:

    After reading on a major news site this morning that this horrible man committed suicide in his jail cell, I was stunned that I hadn’t heard about this story before today. How did this disgusting pig fly so low under the national news radar when if Britney Spears burps while waiting at a red light the pictures, news blips and commentary are all over and repeated adnauseum? I decided to look up his name and came across this blog. I have to admit that while Del’s fears of being persecuted for imaginary-might-wanna-pull-off crimes can be intimadating, I don’t think that this case is even in that relm. We are not talking about a person who says in passing that they might knock over a liquor store or rob a bank – this is a person who spent weeks – not minutes, hours or days but WEEKS persuading a “Mom” to let him have sex with her 5 year old daughter.

    This wasn’t an episode of “To Catch a Predator” He didn’t jump into the situation on impulse. He found this “Mother” or the “Mother” found him – either way he could have walked away from or stopped the conversation at any point, he didn’t. He continued to talk, persuade and convince this “Mother” that he wouldn’t “hurt” her 5 year old because he knew how to be gentle and had expierence at being gentle and not hurting the young girls. OK, lets stop and hold up at that – even if he had the brains to stop at that he still would have ended up in some serious trouble because that statement implies that he had done this sort of dispicable thing before and the “Mother” on the other end of the computer – an undercover detective – is going to pursue him and his other probable crimes. My point is, there were plenty of opportunities during this process that he could have walked away but his arrogance and narcissistic confidence kept him pushing full steam ahead.

    Law Enforcement is supposed to “Protect and Serve”. To me, “Protecting” my child, ANY child or ANY person for that matter from having to endure the hell that he had planned for this imaginary “little girl” is to be commended not critisized. This “man” (that term is applied sooooo loosely) made many incriminating mistakes that as an prosecuting attorney himself he NEW what could be done with all of that as evidence.

    Not to mention if he were an innocent man with nothing past, present or future to hide, the sheriffs office wouldn’t be making plans to transport and remove his body to the morge instead of the court house.

  8. [...] the age of twelve — in his case, a fictional five year old girl (I posted about his arrest here). Atchison, 53, was arrested last month at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after weeks of Internet [...]

  9. G Money says:

    Dear birmingham blues, my name is g money and i wear wifi detecting shirts i think this rape was totally fine. they shouldn’t be making such a big deal about it at all. all of you should just get over it. just except and embrace that sometimes old people like young people despite the discrepancy.

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