Bumper Stickers and Other Fun Stuff

Tired of seeing those black W stickers — the few that remain, anyway?  Would you like to express your opinion of the Dear Leader?  Now you can:



Like what you see?  Purchase your own bumper stickers at MoronInTheWhiteHouse.com.  They make nice companions for your Brite Blue Dots.  BTW, the folks at BBD have a new refrigerator magnet that is priceless!


4 Responses to “Bumper Stickers and Other Fun Stuff”

  1. Moderate Libby says:

    The Blue Dots is a good idea. Hope it catches on well in other states.

  2. Songbird says:

    I love the one with the baby!

  3. Dr. Renee says:

    You know, I’m not really seeing many W stickers any more. Even in Republican-ville Mountain Brook, there are more Blue Dots than W’s.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m seeing that in nouveau-Republicanville too, Renee. I think it’s a function of more blue dots and more people who’ve scraped off their W stickers.

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