Under the Bus

Republican officials are saying that Sen. Larry Craig will resign tomorrow.  Right now the report is he’ll stay till September 30, but I expect to see treadmarks on his back long before then.

3 Responses to “Under the Bus”

  1. Anna says:

    All I can wonder about is how his poor wife must be doing. Jeez!

    Where was all this “Publican moral outrage when the Senator got busted bangin’ the prostitute? It’s more of that straight men b.s.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yep. And Larry will be replaced with someone just like him. Minus TEH Gay, of course.

  3. Moderate Libby says:

    Moral outrage over banging the prostitue and wearing a diaper while he was doing it! The LA senator could have worn his diaper down Pennsylvania Avenue and the GOP probably would have turned their head. There is no way they were going to let LA Governor Blanco appoint a Democrat.

    Craig is reported to be stunned by his “friends” and associates turning their backs so quickly. He has seen it before. I guess he never expected them to do it to him.

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