TEARS Out of Funds, Forced to Stop Animal Rescues

Some of you followed the story of Eagle, a horse rescued by TEARS, The Emergency Animal Rescue Service headquartered in Birmingham.  I received an email today pointing me to this announcement on the TEARS website.  Legal wrangling with Eagle’s owner, an interestingly timed raid on the director’s home by the State Department of Conservation, and negative publicity have contributed to a sharp decline in contributions — to the point that TEARS can no longer provide rescue services without a large and immediate infusion of funds.

The organization continues to feed and shelter more than 200 animals, some of which are available for adoption.  Check out the website and give a donation if you can.  Or maybe you’ll find a friend in need of a home.  Either way, the animals will thank you.

H/T, Joanne

20 Responses to “TEARS Out of Funds, Forced to Stop Animal Rescues”

  1. Joe says:

    WTF! How could this be happening!? TEARS is a wonderful organization and deserving of every kind of support this area can offer. I am deeply saddened and disturbed by this turn of events. :’(

  2. Moderate Libby says:

    Have not been aware of this story. What is this REALLY about? Why was the raid interestingly timed?

  3. Kathy says:

    TEARS rescued a starving horse, whose original owner then tried to reclaim him and went to court to get him back. This guy apparently made lots of counter-charges against the rescue group, none of which stuck, and then — surprise, surprise — the state conservation people showed up and confiscated some wild animals that the director had rescued. The surviving animals were returned (most of them died while in custody) and the wildlife permit restored after an investigation, but the bad publicity really hurt. In fact, when I google, I find lots of listings for the original story of the raid, but none about the resolution.

    All of that is why I think the timing was interesting.

  4. PTSD Mom says:

    Having a ranch, living with animals (mainly throw-aways) every day, it is hard for me to comprehend that the state conservation people allowed animals to die in their care. Is anybody looking into that part of the story?

  5. Kathy says:

    That’s a good question. According to the news report, the state removed 17 wild animals. The director says she was rehabbing them; the state says it removed them b/c it’s illegal to keep them as pets and there was supposedly no sign of illness or injury. If the last part is true, it seems odd that only three of them survived the confiscation.

  6. PTSD Mom says:

    Very odd. Something about this story does not seem right.

  7. Joe says:

    Innocent people persecuted because they try to help the less fortunate, in this case animals. Yeah, it don’t seem right to me either. Maybe something is missing in the reporting, but I don’t doubt for a second that a state agency would trample the rights of a citizen and harm animals in the process. TEARS steps in where others don’t, helping animals that have no protection under the lax and lazy laws of this city, county and state.

  8. majela says:

    i know that tear has been through a lot since the original ownwer found out tears had eagle. i think it would be an awful thing for tears to close their doors. there are never enough rescues.

  9. Lucy says:

    Have been following this story. TEARS took Eagle in. Nursed him back to health. This is a travesity of justice that they have to shut down. When all they are doing is helping animals. That can’t speak for themselves. Lucy FOB Always NY

  10. Mallorie says:

    I am the cruelty investigator for TEARS, Mallorie Thomas. The FACTS about the raid on TEARStown are as follows…. The Dept of Conservation, accompanied by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept showed up and said that it had been reported to them that TEARS was keeping wild animals as pets. They also said our permit was out of date and we had NOT informed them of our move. (Both incorrect and errors on THEIR end, not ours) They canceled our permit (which they said was not valid (?) on the spot and gave Terra a citation to appear in court. First off, The Canada Geese we had, all had wing deformities, and one had had a portion of his wing surgically removed due to a fishing line injury. ALL of these Canada Geese “walked out” of the enclosure they were being kept in under their care because someone left a gate open, and they don’t know where they went. The opossums all suffered from varying problems from complete blindness, to metabolic bone disease and ALL were under a veterinarians care. Of the ones seized, only 3 survived. And of the three that survived, they were returned in very poor shape, including one that left with perfect vision that was retuned blind, and the blind one they seized, came back with severe open raw wounds. They also seized a baby Robin with a missing wing, and returned it to the wild where (as they determined) it belonged. A ONE winged bird mind you! It went to court and it was determined we were not in violation of anything and they not only reinstated the permit, but added MORE animals we can now rescue and rehab. TEARS does NOT want to stop rescues. I took a mare in last week that her owner could not take care of any more. As long as I can, I will continue to go out and do investigations, but it takes more than that to keep a rescue in operation. TEARS was set up and our goal was to provide Emergency Injury rescue. We are not a shelter. But the animals we rescue have to be provided for until they can be placed in their forever homes. For some, those homes never come, so we have made a commitment to those guys that they will never have to be placed in a shelter for the ultimate end for an unwanted animal. THAT is why we need monetary help now. To help us fulfill that commitment made to the ones we have rescued.

  11. majela says:

    mallory, i wish you would post this on alex brown racing where there is an effort to raise funds for tears. some of tears not so good friens have been posting some not very nice things about tears.

  12. Mallorie says:

    I am not familiar with that site, if someone could send me the link I would appreciate it. AnimalRescueLady@aol.com is my email address.

  13. majela says:

    tears provides 7 day a week 24hr rescue for animals in the birmingham area. i think you are all very lucky to have such an organization. most major cities do not.

  14. majela says:

    hello alabama, please do not forget about tears. they provide a great service to your community. please continue to support them.

  15. Mose Wolfe says:

    No one will for get PLEASE SUPPORT TEARS!

  16. majela says:

    tears is in need of everyone’s help. please continue to support them and help them.

  17. majela says:

    bumping for tears. hoping that they can continue to help fur babies in need

  18. Joanne Kennedy says:

    Thanks to the efforts of several people on this board, (Lucy, Majela, & Mose), as well as the dedicated folks on the Alex Brown Racing forum, TEARS is still “afloat.” They are still endeavoring to save the lives of as many animals as possible and, thanks to this blog, many Alabamians have also become aware of their plight, and have stepped in to add their financial support.

    It is really a sad state of affairs when bad publicity and rumors are allowed to destroy an organization that has “Animal Welfare” as their number one priority.

    TEARS needs the continued support of everyone who cares about what happens to animals in this state.

  19. majela says:

    hi jo, that is great news. i am so glad tears has been able to survive all of the negativity. it is a testimony to all the great work they do.

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