Breaking: Tony Snow Resigns

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow resigned this morning.  He says it’s due to financial concerns, but the man does not look well.  I hope he’s going to take time off and get some rest.  He’s a spinning liar extraordinaire, but he’s still a human being fighting a terrible disease.  Godspeed, Tony.

4 Responses to “Breaking: Tony Snow Resigns”

  1. Moderate Libby says:

    I do wish this man renewed health.The ugly negatives that he has been spinning on a regular basis could not have been good for him physically. There is a mind body connection. The ugliness he was participating in must have had a negative impact on his overall health.

  2. PTSD Mom says:

    Lies cannot be good for anybody’s health.

  3. Kathy says:

    They can’t help.

  4. Moderate Libby says:

    So true, Kathy.

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