The One Good Thing about a Server Crash…

…is spambots can’t get through.  DreamHost was so very dead this morning that I couldn’t even access the status page, which is supposed to be an entity unto itself, always working even in an apocalypse.  Well, maybe not then.

It’s ironic to me, a moderately technophilic type who nevertheless understands relatively little about the intertubes, that a web hosting company can’t keep its servers up and running.  Reminds me of my four trips to Best Buy this week.  I got a portable satellite radio for Christmas a couple of years ago (see? technophile), and along with it came a service plan that covers repairs or replacement.  So last Friday when the antenna connection got so loose that I couldn’t listen without holding it in place — hard to do while driving — I sallied forth to the Best Buy.  No problem, said they; the radio couldn’t be repaired, and they don’t sell that model anymore, so they would replace it.  Okay, one small problem.  Their receipt system was down, so they couldn’t determine how much I paid for it (and of course my receipt was long gone).  No worries; the system would be back up soon, and anyway I had to go back home and gather up every little attachment that had come with the radio so all of it could be shipped back to the manufacturer.  Why, I don’t know, given that they no longer make this particular unit, but I had to make another trip anyway, so no big deal.

Back I went that evening, with my ziploc bag of pieces and parts in tow.  After waiting thirty minutes while a harried customer service representative went back and forth between trying to find my receipt and helping other customers, I ascertained that the system was still down.  This did not make me happy, but the supervisor took my name and phone number and promised to call when it was working again.

I heard nothing over the weekend, so Monday afternoon I went to Best Buy again.  I was in the neighborhood, and this time it only took a couple of minutes to determine that the system was still down, so this visit was marginally less stressful than the previous ones.  Wised up and called on Tuesday morning to find that — after four long days — this company that sells and services computers had finally managed to get its receipt system up and working again.

Technology is a wonderful thing.  When it works.

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  1. I [heart] computers but there’s nothing to beat a paper record. I still have the receipt from the first-generation playstation of several Christmases ago. Make a copy and stick it in a folder marked “Receipts” – you might have to dig a while, but you’ll know it’s there. I also take the box and all the packing material, even the twist ties, stick it in a big ol’ ziploc bag and fling it into the crawlspace/basement storage space. I keep it until I get rid of the product.

    Re. Best Buy and their ilk: the bigger the computer system, the harder it falls. The bigger the corporation, the fewer people are actually responsible or capable of fixing anything. That’s why smaller stores are making a comeback even if they are more expensive.

  2. Don says:

    Luckily you didn’t have to talk to someone in Bangladesh.

  3. Kathy says:

    There is that. :)

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