The Saga Continues

We’re up over 200 comments in the most recent Ousley thread, so I’m going to open a new one (previous threads here if you need to catch up).  I don’t mean to be flip with the post title — I’m just running out of ideas.  Clearly, this story and its implications have touched many people.  Some are sad, some are angry, many are both, and it appears that for several people here this is the first opportunity in years to address their situations openly.  I’ll keep a forum going as long as you need it.  If it’s time to move on, go with God.  Healing comes in many forms, and I pray that everyone here finds the one that works.

If you want to stick around, please remember to be kind to one another.  Almost everyone who has stuck with this discussion has done so because they were hurt by Rick Ousley’s actions over the years.  Please don’t come here pretending to be someone you’re not (we had a little problem with a sock puppet recently, but that appears to be resolved).  Do your best to keep your language under control; too much profanity takes away from your message.  And, although recommendations and resources for addressing pastor misconduct and abuse are welcome, please don’t assume that one size fits all.

Thanks, everyone.

118 Responses to “The Saga Continues”

  1. John Megee says:

    There are some of us (me included) that would have gone on thinking Rick Ousley was a super guy. He fooled me and I can’t even imagine the thought that my daughter was even ever around him.

    All I’m trying to say is if Donna Jones had not publicly told her story we might not have ever really known what a fake Rick is. He choose a life that destroyed so many just for his own gain.

    Thanks to Donna and the rest of you for telling your stories. God will bless you all in a big way.

  2. Megan says:

    Have I missed something here? My husband told me to read and get caught up on the blog (which I thought had slowed down). Why the attacks on Donna? I have read her blogs and see nothing to warrant the personal attacks on her.
    PTSD Mom, how can you be so incredibly rude and then tell Donna and other’s that they are a witch and should get on there knees and pray.
    I think before you go telling others what to do you might just want to practice what you preach. Just my opinion. The sins of Rick Ousley is what brought us to this public forum. Donna admitted she sinned but yet she came forward and told all that happened to her (which gave other’s courage). The bible says thou shall not judge. I think we all need to remember that and not make sly blogs against the very one who shed light on the Ousley empire.

  3. Kimberly says:


    I’m just wondering….not being sarcastic….How did you come across the blog?


  4. Megan says:

    I have posted several times on the blog either under this blog title or the last one. My husband and I heard Rick either three or four times when we took youth to Student life camps.
    We heard from close friends about all that has come out about Rick. I then went to Google under Rick’s name and this site was one of many. I have tried to read back from the beginning and actually just caught up a week or two ago. For a while I had trouble getting the site to come up but later found out it was an error and not my computer having problems.
    I just feel we need to keep the light on the victims that were so hurt by Rick. We need not forget what Rick is very capable of doing again, especially if we shift the focus off him.

  5. Kimberly says:


    Thanks for answering. I’m not here as much anymore and I don’t always recognize the new posters. Yes, I think there are now 9 threads on this blog pertaining to Rick Ousley. At least that’s the number by the name on the index.


  6. Kimberly says:

    JOHN M.:

    Just wondering…are you a former member of BH too? Many former/current members have made their way here a time or two.


  7. Kimberly says:


    Is the “sock puppet” a thing of the past? Just catching up on the blog.


  8. Phoenix says:

    I wonder if Rick Ously shot par today…i HEARD thru the grapvine that his “short game” is pretty good according to Glen Campbell…and Richard jackson…

  9. Donna says:

    Hey Yall,

    Once again I come here after much thought and prayer.

    When I spoke out about my twenty-nine year relationship of knowing Rick Ousley I knew it was not going to be easy. Through the month’s since the story broke I have posted my ups and downs on this blog. Other’s took it among their selves to spew lies but that’s all they are is lies. Sure it hurt’s because it makes a bad situation worse and it hurts an already broken heart. I made it public that I have had health issues. I had heart surgery on the 13th of last month and possibly another one next month. Drinking alcohol has never been my lifestyle and now with these serious health problems it’s just another attack to draw attention in other directions.

    It has been bitter sweet to know that I was never alone in this. So many other woman and families were hurt by the double life Rick led. I’m so sorry to each woman that I have cried with. Karen our stories are so much alike I still get chills down my spine. My true story about Rick was confirmed by the newspaper who would NEVER have printed it if they did not have proof. Board members would NEVER have shut down Rick’s ministry if they did not have proof. I told the truth then and I’m telling the truth now.

    Weeks ago when I rededicated my life to Christ it was and has been awesome. I have spoken at churches, even a camp and have gotten tons of emails of support. The peace I feel has been along time coming. GOD IS AWESOME!

    I told my story to end a pattern of life that was wrong. Through all the emails I have gotten 95% have been supportive. I have gotten to know so many of you through emails we have shared through the month’s and even phone calls. I have always been careful because I really don’t know who is on the other end of the computer or the phone line just who they tell me they are.

    Alabama Momma, and I have had our differences. There is nothing wrong in disagreeing. Different is what makes the world what it is. In sharing a phone call with her this morning and emails from her last night new things were brought to light.

    I ask all of you to pray. Think about your actions. If someone sent you a personal email don’t share it. If someone called and told you something pray about it but don’t post it. This blog has lost Jesus a long time ago. I pray for each one of you and each family that is represented here on this blog.

    PTSD Mom, I’m sorry I posted the name you call your self. You were one of the first who contacted me when my story was made public. I have been living this publicly for I guess about five months or so. In reading back over emails from you I can’t imagine nine years of this. I’m sorry that you became angry with me when I told the truth to Greg Garrison. I’m also sorry that you never understood why I could and would not give you the actual names of people who I was working directly with. I have stayed true to my story and what I know is the truth. I have no fear of anything what I have told anyone has been factual. Many have tried to waiver my story but there was far to much evidence to fabricate anything but the truth as I told it.

    Alabama Momma, thank you for always being you. Thank you for saying how you feel but then always backing it up in a sweet, caring Christian way. Don’t worry about the one’s you thought were your friends and then shared emails and said ugly things. I will be the first to admit it hurt’s when you trust someone and they stab you in the back but as the bible plainly say’s each of us will answer for OUR own wrong doings.

    Peace to all,

    Donna Jones

  10. sunny arizona says:

    Did you hear??? Do you know who the preacher lady is called JUANITA BYNUM?? She is mostly on TBN network…well go to your search engine and type in Juanita Bynum…you will come across an article how Preacher Lady Juanita Bynum was “beat up” by her husband. Now here is the “meat & potatoes” Her husband still preached that night and is looking forward to preaching again….wow….

  11. Karen says:

    Wow!!! Alot of stuff going on in here the last couple days.

    All I know for sure is that the STUFF RO did over so many years makes me sick. I have been hurting for years over keeping all of this stuff in. And now the more I get the story out there the better I feel.

    Like Donna said there are going to be people that don’t believe us. But God knows. Oh and wheather or not RO ever states the truth out loud he knows what he did and with whom he did it with.

    Oh if RO is out there reading this lets go take a lie detector test. We will see who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. He doesn’t know when his tell the truth or lying. Or should I say he can’t keep the stories straight.

  12. Kimberly says:


    You have a voicemail at work from a friend.

    Be careful and Take Care,

  13. Sam says:

    Holy cow! I go away for a while and come back to see all hell has broken loose! Can’t you people play nicely when I’m gone? LOL

    Donna, it’s good to hear you are up and around again. I pray your surgery went well and another won’t be necessary.

    Now what the heck is up with the personal attacks including calling someone a witch, a liar and a drunk?? Since when did things explode into such vile anomosity toward each other?

    Granted, if someone used a personal name that had not been made public, that is a wrong thing to do. For what it is worth, it appears Kathy must have gone in and deleted the name in question from the post(s) because all I see are asterisks. If that’s the case, kudos to you, Kathy, for running a fair, open-minded and well-monitored blog site.

    But still, the reaction to that seems to me to be way over the line. It’s obvious many people have unresolved issues with Ousley and his practices, some reaching further back than others. But, it doesn’t help anyone (except Ousley) for the parties involved to be attacking others viciously and questioning their intent or legitimacy.

    ‘Nuff said.

    I hope we can all find our focus again and work together toward a fruitful outcome, even if that means some will have to agree to disagree.

    I wish you all a good night and a pleasant week.

  14. Kimberly says:


    Hi, it’s been awhile.

    What has recently come to light is that a woman who appeared to be a sheep on here was/is actually a wolf. Her wolf names/handles/monikers were/are JUST CURIOUS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, JANE DOE, and others. She attacked Karen without abandon back in early June when Karen first posted her testimony.

    As a regular poster under another name with Dixie in it, she has appeared to be a sheep and friendly to all. What she has done is further enabled Rick in her veiled attacks against Karen and others. It’s despicable and she has single-handedly compromised the integrity of the blog.

    This is my final post on this blog. I appreciate what it was in the beginning, but not what it has become…a conduit for a woman in disguise to spew her garbage.

    A few weeks ago PTSD thought the blog was probably being manipulated. It certainly was.

    My Final Two-Cents,

  15. Phoenix says:

    WAKE UP…YOUR WORRIED ABOUT STUPID THINGS WHEN THE RICK OUSLEYS, RICHARD JACKSONS MADE A WONDERFUL LIVING OFF YOUR MONEY…Yea, Rick ousley and Richard Jakcson had a mega church here in phoneix centrally you know where they lived????? RICHARD JACKSON lived in PARADISE VALLEY….PARADISE VALLEY is like the Beveraly Hills of LA…..Now, have some of you read the read the news lately??????? Instead, of worrying about who offended who????????? FOR EXAMPLE,
    1ST: Juanita Bynum the female TV evangelist was beaten by her evangelist husband…do you know what some of the parish faithful are saying….well…who is going to come back to preach to us…are you kidding me….this is the sheep mentality…unbeliveable….

    2nd: Here is one for you….RANDY and PAULA WHITE MINISTRIES…they are going thru divorce….so guess what…both are going to work as pastors at the same church…except…get this…THE ARTICLE STATES, “PAULA just bought a seven hundred thousand dollar home” in her area by another church so she will stay on board…are you kidding me….

    3rd: Yea, “lets work together for a fruitful outcome” …but, the RO, RJ, and others define fruitful as MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT YET….

  16. Phoenix says:

    Oh, one more thing…you can pride yourself about being verbally Christian, or write in a Christian manner…but I tell ya all this….Richard Jakcson and the Rick Ousley’s of the world preyed on people like you…The only one on here making any sense BESIDES a few of ya all is GORDON….I MISS GORDON…..Gordon was there, he observed these things, many of us were so young and taken advantage of by these two…you think your going to NPBC to grow in Christ and you get a pastor who has his hands in the local college making behind the scences decsions about young people…instead of offering help, putting his arm around someone…instead they kick you to the curb like garbage…oh, but let GLEN CAMPBELL get pulled over and arrested for DUI and Richard Jackson will do a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL over his house…I am sure Gordon will remember that one…lol………….anyway…..I guess it took quite a number of yeas to understand Baptist Polity….

  17. shocked! says:

    You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers…Thank you for your honesty and integrity…God will heal and use you – be faithful and patient…

    Alabama Momma, JUST CURIOUS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, JANE DOE,- whoever the heck you are – thank you for spreading your trash on this blog – you have singled handedly marred the intents and purposes of this blog – and your attacks on people you do not even know – are SHAMEFUL!

    Donna, I am proud of you for finally shedding light on this dark dark place called the world of RO – but, please, you said you were over this – so quit posting and get over it…

    Kathy, thank you for your patience and for equipping us with a very much needed outlet, but it is my humble opinon – this blog needs to be closed!

    To RO, R Jackson, V Vaughn, and all of RO’s former employers, fellow pastors, etc.
    I shudder to think how you justify your actions / non-action and how you sleep at night … and as RO has said millions of times…
    ‘The grave is empty and the throne is occupied – and NOT BY ANY OF YOU>>>>’

  18. Kathy says:

    Comments are now CLOSED. Godspeed.