Breaking: House Judiciary Committee Approves Contempt Citations

The Committee voted 22-17 to issue contempt citations against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten.  Now the recommendation goes to the full House, with a vote likely to take place after the August recess.  It was a party-line vote, and I must say I’m disappointed in the Republicans on the Committee, who continue to enable Bush’s efforts to avoid actual oversight.

You know, I think I’d like to see Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid cancel that August recess and keep Congress in session while W takes a month off in Crawford and the Iraqi Parliament heads for villas on the Mediterranean.  If our troops have to keep fighting, maybe our government should keep working.

6 Responses to “Breaking: House Judiciary Committee Approves Contempt Citations”

  1. The only way you would see the GOP go along with the Democrats is if, much like Dick Nixon, Bush was on the way down with no help in sight.

  2. Kathy says:

    Well, yeah. How much lower does he have to go? :)

  3. jim lynch says:

    i believe this site is monitored as my last entry has been deleted. we need to take back our country & constitution before it is to late.

  4. mooncat says:

    Life isn’t a John Wayne movie. Does anyone think the cavalry is going to come charging over the hill to save Bush at this point? The only question is how many Congressional Republicans will be willing to go down with him.

  5. jim lynch says:

    inherent contempt is the vehicle Congress should persue to bring Miers & Bolten to answer the subpena served them. This administration has gone to far in disregarding the Law of the Land. We as a nation must take the time to inform our Reps & Senators put a stop to these policies, or ideologies gone wild, end our involvment in Iraq, get our Nation back on track. How do our lawmakers appear to other Nations? Our System has been imitated by nations around the world,if Supeme Court nominees dont obey the law, or the President can just invoke his will over aFederal Judges decision because they are friends, come on now……..Please, ladies & gentlemen, our very way of LIFE,LIBERTY, and persuit of HAPPINESS.

  6. Kathy says:

    Sorry, Jim. I don’t know what happened to your first comment. It didn’t show up in moderation or in my spam blocker. Glad you got through on your next try.

    mooncat, the Republicans’ capacity for denial seems to be almost limitless.

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