Alabama Democrats Can Do Better Than This

An investigative report issued yesterday on the two-year college system shows that Shelton State Community College paid House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Tuscaloosa) almost $50,000 a year for services that he should have been providing to any constituent who asked for them.  He’s already resigned from Shelton, but he’s still feeding from the trough at Bevill State.  He’s an embarrassment to his constituents and to the Democratic party.

“A substantial part of the activities described fit squarely within the employee’s duties as a legislator in tracking legislation, and in providing customary constituent services,” the investigative report released Thursday states.

The report goes on to detail a long list of questionable activities in the two-year system.

Really, Mr. Guin, it’s time to take your marbles and go home.  People like Rep. Jeff McLaughlin (D-Guntersville) and Rep. Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) — who believe in honest government that serves all the people – don’t deserve to have their reputations besmirched by association with you.

ADDENDUM: In case anyone wonders, neither Patricia nor Jeff had anything to do with this post. They’re just two legislators whom I admire.

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3 Responses to “Alabama Democrats Can Do Better Than This”

  1. mooncat says:

    I could not agree with you more.

  2. Don says:


    Whereas Representative Ken Guin is the hand-picked water carrier for Speaker Seth Hammett of the Alabama House of Representatives

    And whereas Hammett assigned Guin to positions in the House where he could control the political processes therein to the satisfaction of such Speaker

    And whereas Guin shows no shame, nor any inclination to resign from the House, nor his double-dipping non-job with Bevill State, thus remaining an embarasment to his constituents who seem powerless to vote him out of office, the Democratic Party of Alabama and all other Alabamians


    That every concerned Alabama voter contact Speaker Hammett and inform him that as our public servant he is instructed to remove Guin from all positions to which Hammett has previously assigned him and to assign him to the peanut gallery as the first order of business in the 2008 legislative session, or else find himself without public employment as soon as his current term in office expires.

    (If anyone doesn’t know how to contact Hammett, just click here to see how to reach him by phone, letter, or email. — JUST DO IT!)

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