Two-Year College Presidents To Retire

Yvonne Kennedy, President of Bishop State Community College, and Rick Rogers, President of Shelton State Community College, announced their upcoming retirement today.  Kennedy will leave office on July 31; Rogers is going on leave and will stay there till his retirement date of September 30.

Several state school board members started last fall calling for the firing of Kennedy after revelations about student aid fraud at the Mobile college.

More than two dozen people have been charged with theft and other crimes related to allegations of stolen aid money by Bishop State employees, their relatives and others.

Rogers also has been criticized since federal court filings claimed he benefited from schemes to steal state money at his Tuscaloosa campus. Three people have been convicted, and two others have pleaded guilty related to an investigation of the Alabama Fire College on Shelton’s campus.

Here’s something that struck me as weird: Kennedy asked, and Byrne recommended, that she be named President Emeritus of Bishop.  It’s a purely ceremonial, unpaid position, but I’m not sure she’s deserving of the honor, even though Byrne says she is.  IIRC, Kennedy (unlike Rogers) has not been accused of benefitting personally from the alleged fraud and theft at her school, but she didn’t cover herself with glory as a manager.

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  2. Del says:

    Well, darn it. I am trying really, really hard to get through a 24 period without harboring, or especially sharing, negative thoughts. Just a little experiment, you know, like the alcoholic who insists that he can take it or leave it alone. First I spend the entire morning with DD’s computer, heavily infected with Trojan.peed.gen, and now this. President Emeritus!! She’s going to dine out on this for the rest of her life, and be “respected in the community,” and have her name on the stationery, I guess. She’s already got her name on a building over there if memory serves.

    Okay. 24-hour period of no negativity beginning in five…four…three…two…NOW.

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