Never Mind

Melissa McEwan has whiplash over the White House’s latest flip-flop re: Dick Cheney’s role in government.  Dick wanted to argue that his dual role as president of the Senate somehow exempts him from executive branch oversight — because he isn’t part of the executive branch.  Now White House officials are claiming that he’s exempt from executive branch oversight because he has executive privilege.

And, in an amazingly arrogant and illogical statement, White House spokesman Tony Fratto says, “It’s not appropriate for a subordinate office like that to investigate or require reporting from the enforcer of the executive order.”  Yeah, it’s just totally wrong for the public — Cheney’s collective employer — to expect his office to adhere to the same standards it demands of others.  Others including the National Security Council, which for some reason has had no problem complying with requests from the National Archives Information and Security Oversight Office.

It seems to me Mr. Secrecy would be all about guaranteeing that classified information is appropriately safeguarded, but it appears he thinks it’s more important to deliver a big ol’ “go fuck yourself” to anyone who dares to question him.

Not to worry, though.  The dispute has been referred to that bastion of legal excellence and objectivity, Alberto Gonzales.  Problem solved.  Aaaaaaarrrrrgh!

(Note: Melissa and her pals at Shakesville have been dealing with a Denial of Service attack for the past week.  While Shakesville is moving to a more secure server, the Shakers are posting at the old Shakespeare’s Sister site.  Head over and give them some love.  Sorry, trolls — you can’t keep good bloggers down.)

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