New and Improved RO Thread

Catch up here.  In other news, I’ll be out of town this week, but the blog will be well taken care of in my absence.  Be kind to each other.

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  1. AlabamaMomma says:

    Shocked!: Why do you keep trying to get people to reveal their identities on this blog?

  2. AlabamaMomma says:

    Shocked!: Didn’t mean for that to come off ugly. Actually, none of my biz. Just curious. Thought that might put others in an awkward position. JMHO

  3. AlabamaMomma says:

    Shocked!: Didn’t mean for that to come off ugly. Actually, none of my biz. Just curious. Thought that might put others in an awkward position. JMHO :(

  4. Alan Bell says:

    AlabamaMomma: YOU GOT IT! Any who are on this blog waiting for their peace, joy and freedom to be restored when Rick FINALLY admits his sins and confesses…they may NEVER find it. Besides, when he does do it, I promise you that it will not bring whatever they are looking for. We have to trust that God is big enough to carry our pain and our burden. Not until we give all this “junk” over to God will we find true peace, true joy, true healing and true restoration.

    When Donna emailed me yesterday, you could just feel the hurt, the anger, bitterness still in her email. She said…”I thought telling my story would make me free”…well, that is the first part. You see, sin loves to live in the dark…sin can not (and will not) live in the light…Donna brought the sin out in the light. But then we have to give that over to God…trust me, God is perfectly able to bring justice to Rick Ousley (and others). And guess what, we may never see Rick brought to justice on this side of eternity…but don’t forget, God has the final judgment. So don’t worry about what RO does…let him play golf, let him go to Walmart…our God is not naive…He knows what is happening.

    Here’s a higher road to take…pray for RO’s brokenness, pray for RO to find a place that he CAN admit his sins, confess his sins and receive the same peace that Donna now enjoys. As a follower of Christ, we can’t possibly want to see RO crushed and destroyed.

    Donna was afraid of letting some of you down (disappointing you) by letting this go…but I am glad to see that Donna was more afraid of disappointing God by NOT letting it go.

    When I first talked with Donna on the phone yesterday, you could hear the pain, the bitterness, the anger in her voice…but as soon as she posted yesterday, she called me…immediately you could her the freedom in her voice…it was almost as if you were talking to two different ladies. Donna is at peace now…our prayer (mine and Donna’s) is that all of you can experience the same peace.

    …and these three remain: faith, hope and love…and the greatest of these is LOVE.

  5. shocked! says:

    I do not mind you asking -and without ‘revealing’my identity (which I will very soon) – I have asked this question before, and that is how Karen and I reconnected after many years….so, a couple of those who have posted who are from the Phoenix area – and former RO / RJ victims – I am just using this as a way of possibly reconnecting with them -
    example: with PHOENIX – this person sounds like the hurt and anger at RJ / Vicky / RO is very close and personal = and I have an idea who it might be – and if my hunch is correct – this person knows me also…
    hope this answers your question…

  6. Lydia says:

    I am so glad for the role you have allowed the Holy Spirit to play through you. I agree with AlabamaMomma, it does seem like a revival on the blog!
    I am also glad that Donna, and so many others are finding peace and are able to move on with their lives.
    You are so right that God is able to take care of this situation and that He can and will bring justice in His own time.
    The only thing I would caution is that we believers must be vigilant not to allow the past to repeat itself. Unless RO and others repent and change, new victims are waiting to be prey for evil individuals who would use the church as a means to access them. No, we shouldn’t be out to destroy Rick, but we should be out to protect potential victims.
    As God has so aptly proven through the recent postings, He can and will lead those who are in a position to provide that protection.


  7. Alan Bell says:

    shocked!: I have seen the HS work in you through the past few days, I believe you want to be in God’s will. Instead of asking others to reveal who they are…it is much better that you reveal your true identity and then allow others to connect with you. You can’t ask someone to do something that you aren’t willing to do.

    Lydia: That is exactly right…we need to forgive RO and move on so that WE can be healed. Again, we have to turn our protection over to God…will there be others to come along and abuse their talents from God AND abuse our trust…no doubt there will be…but we will have to all agree that it is doubtful that RO will hurt other innocent victims. Let’s all agree to pray for a way to protect potential victims in a way that will bring glory and honor to GOD.

    I think everyone on this thread is ready to put closure to all of this. We can all keep reading our newspapers and watching the news…my prayer is that one day we will see a broken and contrite RO and JO admitting to their sins, confessing and repenting. That’s my prayer…but MY (OUR) peace and MY (OUR) joy is not dependent on them getting right with God…it’s not even dependent on them being brought to justice…it is only dependent on our willingness to turn this all over to a righteous and Holy Heavenly Father…who in the end will judge ALL.

    I am sensing from the Holy Spirit that this thread does not need to remain up much longer…I know that Kathy is the key to all of this (the timing of closing the thread), and I want to publicly thank Kathy for allowing all of us to have a platform to come and FINALLY receive the healing and the peace we have sought.

    It would be encouraging for us all to have those that have found peace and healing to post and let us know where you are in your relationship with God in all of this. After all, isn’t that what we are all here for…to receive encouragement, blessings and support from others that are posting and reading. My thoughts would be to leave this thread open through the weekend and have as many people as possible share their positive comments and then shut the thread down on Monday morning. We can’t truly “move on” until we put ALL of this behind us.

    God’s richest blessings to all,

  8. Donna Jones says:

    Broken Heart,

    First I would like to thank you for all the times you have posted on this blog and stayed faithful to me with private emails of support.

    In speaking with Allan I ask him to help me understand why this happened for so long? I ask him if I was going to be letting people down for not getting a public forum of admission.

    Peace is a great feeling! As Alan already explained we may never get a public admission no matter how long we carry this molded bread around in our hearts. Rick Ousley and the others that were apart of the wrong doings either at North Phoenix or TCBH or will ever will be just like Donna Jones and each one of you they will face God one day and answer for there own sins. We will either have the peace of enteral life or burn in hell that is not up for us to say or judge it is up to God. We have a choice and I choose to live for God. To strive to be a more God type person daily so I now have the peace that I will have enteral life. AWESOME GOD IS SO GOOD!

    God is big enough to take over this. WE all must turn this over to God.

    Alabama Momma,

    I thank you for your postings. You have always cracked me up, made me smile and you and I have gotten close in private emails. Yesterday was a revival. It was a rival in my heart. I am a different person. I am a born again Christian. Yesterday was in fact a re-birthing for me and my salvation.

    It feels awesome. God is awesome. Several have ask if I will blog anymore? I prayed about that. I will stay on here with the help of God, Alan and the prayers from you. I feel now I want to help and bring other’s to the peace I have found. There will be a time (I feel very soon) that God will speak to Alan and or my heart and tell me it is now time to let the blog go. Kathy I thank you sooo much for your time and hard work. So many have used this blog for a healing tool. At times my heart was so heavy I’m not sure what I used it for. Alan came to this blog and God spoke through him to get through to me. All I can say is WOW!

    I told my true story. I said from the beginning if I could help one person free themselves from the hurts and lies that were consuming me that’s all I wanted to do. Watch what you pray for LOL….I got what I prayed for I helped many tell there stories and some never even made it to this blog. I spoke through this blog, emails and phone to people in Texas, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, Colorado, Carolina and I’m sure the list goes on. That is HUGE!

    My story got told through newspaper, TV, radio, Internet and I’m sure that list goes on. Greg Garrison with The Birmingham News thank you for believing in me. You confirmed what I told and told my story on the front page. I prayed for God to help me get my story out there and it did. That is HUGE! When I look back now at the last couple of month’s it’s huge and brighter.

    For sooo many of you that stayed far behind the scenes and never made your true identity known to the public. I thank you from the bottom of my new heart. I could not have done all this without the help, contacts etc… that you helped me with. We did what we said we were going to do we got the story out there. It is now turned over to God not us.

    Alan, spoke of talking with me before I posted. I had been reading the blog and God was using Alan to really tug at my heart. Then God spoke through Alan to post his email (we know why now :) I’m not sure how many emailed him and I don’t care because I did. There is no doubt in my mind that is another fine example of how God works through us if we let him. I emailed Alan and would have to go back and read because God then took over my fingers. I told Alan I would love to talk when he had time but I did not want to mess up his Birthday. Yall he emailed back and said ” To be honest, I don’t think I could get a better birthday present…and that is the honest truth!

    I have three plagues one says LAUGH, one says LOVE and the last say’s LIVE… I’m a living example that with God in your life and throwing out the past. you will LAUGH, LOVE and LIVE. There was a rival in my heart yesterday. I hung up the second call from Alan with my new heart. I got off the phone with Alan and God led me straight to the shower to wash off the past. Anyone close to me knows I hate to grocery shop LOL. Where did God send me? Uggg the grocery store. My new heart was over flowing as I thanked the lady scanning my groceries and said “god bless you and have a good day.” As I thanked the young man who loaded my groceries and said “thank you.” God will and does use us in little ways. I pray all of you will find peace and a rival in your own heart.

    God bless you and yours,

    Donna Jones

  9. Donna Jones says:


    Thank you, for staying true to this blog and with personal emails of support to me. Both Kimberly and Karen helped me through there experiences with Rick. It was bitter sweet to realize I was never in this alone. I’m sorry for what each one of you went through with Rick. Turn it over to God he is BIG enough to handle all our past burdens.


    I also thank you, there were so many times I was not directing my feelings in the right way. I would read your postings and seemed to be lightened. I agree that we should not forget. I also agree that God will have to protect the potential victims. That was another thing I spoke with Alan about. This is also something that kept me living in the past. I can’t save the world. I can be part of the world and be more of a Godly person and make the world a better place. Through the help of God, Alan, my family, friends and people I have met through this blog I can spend the rest of my life helping people find the peace I have found. God is awesome!


    You and I, have had our differences and made them public for all to see on this blog. I pray that you can now read through my blogs and find the peace I did. I totally understand about wanting to connect with people from your past. Kimberley has spoken of people she has connected with from her past. You are an example that GOOD has come out of this blog. Old friendships were restored. New friendships were made.

    Let’s all turn this all over to God and find peace. God did hear my prayer’s. I ask him to forgive me and he did. I ask him to help me and he did. Still I was angry, sad, making my self physically sick to the point emergency test were done then surgery.

    I let the past go yesterday. I told Alan that I felt like a snake who sheds there skin. I have new skin now and a new Godly heart.

    I pray you all find peace.

    God bless you and yours,

    Donna Jones

  10. Alan Bell says:

    I have been greatly humbled by God using me to bring about healing to Donna and many others. I feel so inadequate yet I fully believe that I have been working completely within the will of God over this past week. God is leading me to another post on this thread…and trust me, this is coming from God and NOT from me, because I feel so inadequate and unworthy to even ask…so here it goes…

    My passion in life is youth ministry…I absolutely love to watch God use me to touch the life of a young person. God has given me an enormous opportunity through this post to touch the lives of many many people. For those of you that have been touched by God through my posts, I would love an opportunity to come and preach a youth rally or youth revival at your church. Before I posted this message, I spoke with Donna to make sure she would not be offended or feel that it was inappropriate. She said she thought it was an awesome opportunity. If you or your church would like to have me speak please email me at For those that are seriously interested, I am willing to share any and all necessary personal information about myself and send out a resume with references. I am a CPA (certified public accountant) at least that is what pays the bills and allows me and my family to eat…but my true passion is youth ministry. I am willing to travel anywhere and ANY denomination…I am an ordained Baptist Minister but I refuse to be defined by a denomination…I am first and foremost a follower of Christ and a sinner saved by His Amazing Grace!

    On my knees,


  11. Donna Jones says:

    Now tell me we all have not seen a revival on this blog! AWESOME…. God is sooo good if we allow him to be.

    I pray that you will let God direct you to speak to your pastor’s, youth minister’s are who ever to let Alan be led to do what he has done in my new heart.

    I have never met Alan, I have not even seen a picture of Alan (hint :) I have only spoken with him through emails and phone calls. If you can put up with his “country twang accent” LOL he can and will touch your heart.

    I feel like I have known this man forever. That is what God will do with you once you find peace. As I had my re-birthing yesterday and re-gave my life to God. It was easy for me to post on this blog now. The mold is gone. I now will take the next step to walk down the aisle of my church Sunday morning and rededicate my life to Christ. This isn’t something that is necessary for my salvation standpoint or anything…but there sure is something healing about walking that aisle and PUBLICLY giving my life back over to a Holy Father.

    Please continue to pray for me. Yall, don’t give up on me as for private emails go. I have and will answer each one as I always have.


    Donna Jones

  12. Recovering Baptist says:

    Hi – Long time reader, first time commentor. I say long time – more like a week. I only found out about this situation about a week ago, and I’m on the west coast.

    RO was my first youth pastor at NPBC. I know Karen and some of the other Phoenix-area posters on here and I have to say I am horrified but not shocked. The stuff said on here about Jackson, Darrell Maguire, and others is completely true, and there’s more but that’s not relevant here.

    I was preparing a sermon last week on the book of Malachi and there is long dispute between God and the priests who were not doing what God wanted and I found it an interesting coincidence that that was the week I found about Rick. I’ve been re-living some of my own experiences at NPBC with an inappropriate staff member and I am always amazed at the hubris. Be sure your sins will find you out. They always do and yet for some reason these people think they are impervious.

    I applaud Donna, Karen, Kimberly and all the others who are speaking out and working toward minimizing the number of future victims. One of the things I found most objectionable was that RO has turned his eyes toward the “inner city” church as his next target. I find that to be incredibly racist. Does he think they don’t know? Don’t care? That their women are more disposable? Their money is more easily taken? I have a friend who is an African-American pastor in Montgomery, and I have urged him to keep an eye out and warn those pastors with which he has an association.

    I agree with all the postings regarding grace, forgiveness and vengeance belonging to God. However, just as God asks us to participate in building of God’s kingdom, sometimes we can be part of God’s plan for vengeance. Not to say we seek and destroy, or that the downfall of another person becomes our focus. Rather, we must, as with all things, approach with a prayerful heart and listening ears and act according to what we are told by the Father, in the manner of Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Blessings to those of you who are shedding light on this truth.

  13. shocked! says:

    Donna: This will be my last post – I will always remember you in my prayers – you have been such a blessing to me … YOU GO GIRL!

    Alan Bell: – while I agree with 90% of what you have felt led to share – I do take acceptance to your last post to me. You are the only one who has objected to my questions.

    You have only come on here in the last few days – but even if you had been a regular poster, supporter, encourager, etc., how can you tell me how and what I can post? As long as I am using this blog with dignity and integrity, you have no right to question what I post…You can share what the Holy Spirit imparts directly to you – but you are not my Holy Spirit and you do not know anything about how I have come to re-connect with old friends through this blog…

    You have no idea what you are talking about. So, for your information, those who I have re-connected with on this blog have willingly emailed me on my private email and we would share for a time before we each revealed our identities…ONLY after we felt it was the right thing for all parties involved.

    Furthermore, I, nor any others posters, have used this blog for personal gain – I am not the facilitator of this blog, but if I were, it would not be acceptable for anyone to solicit business on this blog.

    By posting your prayers, encouragement, support, honorable correction (when and where needed) on this blog, you have honored the Lord – BUT – when you chose to solict preaching egagements – in my opinion – you completely discredited yourself.

    I am not your judge nor jury – but I felt led to respond.

    I will not post again — I will continue to pray for Donna, continue to nourish my friendship with Kimberly, and will continue to love, care for and support Karen and will value her friendship that the Lord blessed me with so many years ago.

    Peace, Blessings and Love

  14. Kimberly says:

    Rick Ousley continues to work with inner city churches as a liasion for a company. He still plans to officiate weddings in the near future.

    So, yes, Lydia…I agree with what you have posted 100%.

    Alan, regarding this statement……

    “no doubt there will be…but we will have to all agree that it is doubtful that RO will hurt other innocent victims. Let’s all agree to pray for a way to protect potential victims in a way that will bring glory and honor to GOD.”

    I find it to be a trifle summation that borders on belittling and arrogance.
    Most of what you have posted I’ve appreciated, but not the above nor your solicitation of speaking engagements. You should’ve contacted Kathy first. It’s Kathy’s blog being used as a vessel.

    DONNA, CARSON, LYDIA, CONNECTING DOTS, ALABAMAMOMMA, TSE, and KAREN….through the transcending love of Jesus Christ, I am your sister and I love each of you.

    I’ve been away and also working extra hours in the unit. We’re in the midst of the summer boom as most NICUs across the country experience every summer. Got caught up on the blog last night.

    SHOCKED: Am I in a fog? Are we friends? Can’t place you, but I admit to being mentally exhausted right now.

    God Bless Everyone,

  15. Kimberly says:


    Thanks for your post. I will continue to speak out as God directs me. To fall silent for the comfort of others would be to deny the essence of the Jehovah Rapha in my life.

    Speaking out doesn’t mean I’m stagnant in growth, healing, and maturation inside the omniscient Lord. I will stand on the word of the Lord forever and I will be a watchman when and how He directs.

    If we fall silent, the evolutionary process of healing is cheapened and paves the way for future destruction. It will always be what it is. It will always be in an active state because sin is unleashed through us into a broken, depraved world.

    At some point, someone…whether it be a victim, clergyman, layman, or innocent bystander…. has to stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

    Those are my thoughts….

    God Bless You,

  16. Alan Bell says:

    To ALL: I am sorry if I have offended anyone…I apologize and it was certainly not my intentions…as far as soliciting “business”, I make NO money as a youth pastor…and I would only ask for enough to cover my expenses to and from an engagement, I have been blessed by God with a job that allows me to not depend on my church obligations to “make ends meet”. I truly love to have opportunities to preach God’s word to youth. I struggled with whether or not to post the last post…again, if you were offended, I hope you can forgive me.

    shocked!: I in no way was trying to offend you…I apologize if it was taken that way.

    I appreciate your comments and understand completely how all of you feel…God has blessed me beyond comprehension over the last week. May God continue to richly bless each one of you.


  17. PTSD Mom says:

    Alan wrote “…but we will have to all agree that it is doubtful that RO will hurt other innocent victims.”

    I am not trying to be ugly to anybody that has posted here.

    Maybe I missed RO’s apology. I know he has not apologized to my family nor made any efforts to restore it. He has hurt many people for so many years and, from what I understand, there has been no real consequences for what he has done. It is not uncommon for perpatrators to continue to victimize especially if there are no consequence. So, no, we do not all have to agree that it is doubtful that RO will hurt other innocent victems. I believe the opposite will happen.

    I agree with Kimberly’s post.

    Even though many are not posting, it is my understanding that many are reading. I disagree with Alan about closing this blog. Isn’t that exactly what RO and his cohorts want?

    Again, I am not at all trying to be ugly to anybody that is posting here.

  18. Phoenix says:

    Please ALAN BELL your fine…stop nailing yourself to the cross with your statements. Now, regarding the “big three” Rick ousley, Richard Jackson and Vicki Vaugn(patterson). They could care less…Rick and Richard are golfing in their own worlds…and Vicki is teaching at Howard Payne in the Christian Studies Department. WOW! If you people down south thought you had it bad with ONLY Rick Ousley. CLose your eyes and think about what it was like to see RICHARD JAKCSON and Vicki Vaugn(Patterson) in their hey-day in the mid eighties…
    I was so young and my marriage was so young…i was so navie to trust these people…not knowing they would hold my shortcomings, which to what i have learned recently about their shortcomings don’t even compare to mine. Let me give you an example, when i was a teenager i went to Pastor Rick Ousley and Richard Jackson for advice and they put me in contact with Vicki Patterson who is now Vicki Vaugn…During the counseling session she would tell me how unbiblical I was and how I should be tithing faithfully becasue this is a sign of my God-centeredness….So, at this time I was navie and trusted these people…So, at this time as well I was attending College…so i deceided to get a part-time job to help out as well as tithing more. I asked Pastor Richard Jackson and Vicki if I could put them on my application for a reference becasue they I thought knew I was a good kid and just had some martial problems, but nothing major….YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT VICKI DID…VICKI knew i needed this job for my wife and I while i was going to college…SHE DESTROYED ME she informed my potential employer how screwed up I was based upon what i talked to her about in counseling….THIS IS JUST ONE SMALL EXAMPLE…But, this is not the end…I went to my youth pastor for guidance…which was Pastor Rick Ousley…do you know RO told me….he said, “I read your book…” and walked away….That was 1987 and I have never been back to NPBC…I was young, navie and now i am wise , smart, and a success…

  19. PTSD Mom says:


    It appears, for all of these people, it is all just a big con. Many people think evil is hot (I guess because of Hell.) In my experience evil is very, very cold. For sure their hearts are cold.

  20. Recovering Baptist says:

    Kimberly – I agree with you 100%. Keep it up.

  21. Nathan says:


    Beth and me are so proud of the way you have spoken out about Rick Ousley from the very beginning. We have both gotten close to you and to say you are brave is quite an under statement. We are so proud that you have found peace. We both know how hard this has been on you. We support you and hope we can always cherish the friendship that we have made. God bless you and make you stronger each day. Each one of us have our own opinions and thoughts about all this. There is nothing wrong with that and that is what makes the world what it is. I agree that Rick nor Joyce will most likely ever admit publicly that they ever did anything wrong. Rick spoke out when he got caught and he made in vague statement that was really a slap in the face for those of us that trusted him. It’s very hard to accept letting go when we see him in public. That is something I will have to work on but I will never say it was ok for him to do what he did over and over again.


    As I have already stated your postings on this blog brought a new freshness. It was evident that the holy spirit was working through you. There are those that will totally disagree when I say this and that’s why I’m saying up front that this is my opinion only. I’m glad you were able to help Donna find peace. She is and was a wounded spirit. I think you totally took advantage of that relationship you built so quickly with her. You ask her for her approval to post asking for preaching engagement’s. What was a born again Christian supposed to say? If you had to ask for her approval that tells me you were having doubt’s if it was ok in your own heart. I think you took total advantage of her new found freedom/happiness. It has made both Beth and me stand back and wonder if you are really who you are. Do you know Rick Ousley? This is the exact way Rick works when he does something good and then quickly turns it into something that will benefit him. Sorry I’m confused, I just don’t think it was fair to Donna or anyone on this blog. My family/me are on vacation for a week and will have limited computer access. I will read when I can but I think this was a very wrong turn to take.

  22. Alan Bell says:

    Nope…don’t know Rick…don’t know Donna…you are right, I had reservations about posting that last post and now wish that I had not…I am human and make mistakes as we all do…I hope you can forgive me. I have done all I can do…God’s blessings to you all.


  23. Alan Bell says:

    I have been blown away by how quickly people will turn on you…I am exactly who I have said I am…I can now see that my posting was a mistake and I admit that mistake…and I have asked forgiveness for that mistake (both from God and all of you)…I fail to see how one error in judgment can negate all the good…but it was never MY good any way…it was God working through me…a broken vessel.

    This is my last post and I truly wish nothing but God’s peace, hope and love for all of you.

  24. AlabamaMomma says:

    Alan…I think you have done AMAZING things on this blog. I believe the Holy Spirit spoke through you, and I believe you have helped Donna find healing and restoration (as God’s vessel). I see that others are upset by your offer for speaking to churches, but I don’t believe you meant anything by it as a money-maker. I truly feel like you’re an honest, God-fearing man who would love to share his testimony (and whatever the Lord lays on your heart) with others. I don’t believe (not even for one second) that you took advantage of Donna. I believe you asked her (as another Christian opinion) about the speaking offer. I think it’s a great offer! Anyone with the gift you have of relaying God’s Word to others should use that gift, and you would be in sin if you didn’t utilize the gift God has given you. You really put yourself out there, and I appreciate that. Please don’t be disheartened by the harsh comments. You did what you felt the Holy Spirit leading you to do, Alan.

    I am so very thankful for the revival we had on this blog (even if it was short-lived). Donna is in a new place now, in her heart. She has forgiven…just as Christ instructs us to forgive. She has found new peace. She is free. I feel like a load has been lifted off of me as well.

    Some people will never be ready to move on, and that’s between them and God (that’s not a knock on anyone). Some are too hurt, and that’s understandable. I agree 100% that RO needs to be stopped, and I agree with some that have said he’s probably not done trying to victimize others.

    I believe he’ll probably continue to play golf and live in his big house…I believe he’ll probably continue to speak to anyone who will listen to his message…I believe Rick still loves Rick. But that’s OK with me. He’ll never find true peace until he acknowledges and repents. He’ll never be taken seriously again by the multitudes. His days as a charasmatic preacher are over. He will never again be allowed to walk on stage at Student Life Camp and reach teenagers. He will never be able to go anywhere again…not Walmart…not the golf course…where people look at him with love and adoration. Those days are over. So, let him dally around each day, looking for the next person to con. I can promise you, he’s not as confident as he once was, and he’s probably looking over his shoulder to see what’s going to surface next. Like I’ve said before, it’s really sad.

    Again, Alan, I applaud your courage in doing what you felt the Holy Spirit leading you to do. What is so bad about offering to come and spread the Word of God to others? I, too, don’t agree with everything you’ve posted (specifically about shutting down the blog and about RO probably not victimizing again), but I feel like your motives are pure. I think you’re a great man…and I appreciate what you’ve done on this blog.

  25. Kimberly says:


    I forgot to tell you….in the past, Rick was closely associated with strong ties to Mission Birmingham. (they have a website)

    My husband and I have ties and connections to Mission Birmingham too. MB is an organization formed by Bham Metro clergymen for the purpose of basically….keeping Christ the center of Birmingham.

    I strongly believe in this organization and have donated to it in the past. I have always believe as Christians, we must be diligent stewards and civic-minded where God has placed us. After this story broke, Rick’s name stayed on the website for months. At first, I thought it was a simple oversight and would be deleted soon. I was frustrated and in mid-June I emailed 2 pastors regarding the website. These 2 pastors have come to know me over the past year. They know I’m “not out for blood” but simply want to acknowledge what is. Rick’s name came off the website that very day.

    My point in telling you this is two-fold. I realized that day this story will always be sharp in my mind because of my past and I’m not clergy. It will always be real and valid.

    Supposedly, (one can read the history on these threads) Rick had an accountability group after the story broke. However, through Casper and Donna, we all knew Rick was scamming the group.

    Currently, Rick is supposed to be in an accountability/mentoring relationship with someone very well respected here in Bham. However, honestly I believe even this man is being scammed. I believe that the clergymen of male gender are too lax with this situation and have voiced my thoughts on more than one occasion. For some reason….forgiving has been the biggest issue discussed. (victims must forgive)

    Well, I can forgive and I can move ahead. (my counselor can testify to that) However, it IS what it IS. I just rolled my eyes in disgust last night when I read Alan’s post/s. Here is another clergyman eventually showing his true colors in a harminony, peace, forgive sort of way.

    If anyone on here thinks Rick Ousley has turned from his wicked ways….or is in the process of doing so….or that Rick Ousley will not dare have future victims, then you’re simply naive.

    I am not out plotting revenge. I sleep well at night. I know that my God will never fail me while earthly clergymen do it repeatedly. The community had a great chance when this story broke to really advance the kingdom. The clerical community had a great chance to battle satan and really get inside the mind of how satan operates through sexual deviancy. The clerical community has failed miserably because they just didn’t want to battle one of their own. It IS what it IS.

    So RECOVERING BAPTIST…. thanks for giving your friend in Montgomery a heads-up because RO is currently ingratiating himself into that community. Once people have been told, then it’s out of our hands.

    I take comfort in knowing that God knows all and God sees all. God will deal with Rick Ousley. God will deal with those who turned away in the past. God will deal with those who turn away now simply because it’s more cumbersome than they wish it to be. God will deal with those who feign ignorance and God will deal with those who have wallowed in their pride throughout this story.

    God Bless You,

  26. Kimberly says:


    Your post was obviously posted while I was still writing mine. If you’re referring to me, I haven’t “turned on you” but I disagree with much that you have posted.

    When you post on here, you’re posting in essence to hundreds of people. Though it trickled in number, I know from emails that people are still very much reading.

    My intent has not been to offend you. I’m very blunt at times and it shows through on occasion. Understand though…when you post to the masses, you have all different personalities, perceptions, and past experiences in the environment.

    I admit to say I am jaded where TCABH and RO are concerned… is an understatement. I included TCABH too because of former and current leadership. It IS and IS continues to be a current state of being.

    God Bless,

  27. Nathan says:

    Hey Yall,

    Just wanted to make a couple of comments. Until Thursday I had not posted on the blog for some weeks. In and out of the hospital made it seem the least important thing and very little time to spend on the computer.

    Alan Bell came on this blog and he touched my heart along with many other’s. He posted his email address and without any hesitance I sent him an email. He answered that email and in doing so told me he would always be available to talk via phone if I wanted too.

    I then called him and we spoke for the first time ever. Without repeating myself God worked through Alan to help me find peace in my new heart with all this Rick stuff. My heart is not cold it is at PEACE.

    I have never met Alan and I don’t even know what he looks like. Everyone on here is entitled to there own thoughts. I have been very guilty in the past of making comments on this blog that were wrong. Had several tell me so too LOL.

    It’s not my place to judge if Alan was wrong for putting his email on here if people wanted to take the blog further and meet him through there church. I feel Alan did it for the right reason and not personal gain but to glorify God.

    Alan is NOTHING like Rick Ousley! I made it clear to God and everyone that I had to forgive Rick and turn all my hurt and anger over to God. He is far more capable of handling it than I am. I also made it clear that I will not forget. Rick forever changed mine and so many peoples lives. I’m just going to try every day to be a more Godly person and direct my attention to living for God and not to let Rick Ousley ever have control over me ever again.

    I hope any of this made sense. Turn your heart to prayer and the bible. All our answers to all our questions are there.

    Kimberley, was great to see you post. I know you have been slammed at work with long hours. I love you too and thank you for all your support through all of this.

    God bless you and yours,

    Donna Jones

  28. I’m confused…the last posts says it is from Nathan but Donna signs her name/email. Who wrote it?

  29. Nathan says:

    You know my wife and I have tried to stay true to all this. Beth and Donna have become very close through emails and phone calls. It’s ok to disagree as we did this morning. What just happened to Donna was on purpose. Who ever did this you know and I hope god will deal with you as he sees fit. It was and is very wrong. Donna has been broken and sick through all this and this is how she gets repaid. I did not make that last post. Donna made that last post. I don’t understand people and I don’t think I ever will. I hope that all who reads this will understand that wrong is wrong. Why would anyone try and keep on hurting someone? Donna does not deserve this one bit. In case this come out saying Donna and not Nathan. Nathan made this post and Donna made the last one. I’m in Florida and we do have service here. Why would someone be so cruel? I am sick of this. We all need to pray because I think the devil took over this blog a long time ago. Donna will not have a computer until she either gets a new one or has hers repaired for the second time. Who ever did this you need help.

  30. Kathy says:

    Nathan, I’m not sure from your comment just what happened. The comment in question did come with your user name and info attached, and it was signed by Donna. If she is emailing or otherwise communicating comments to you to be posted on her behalf, that’s okay as long as you make it clear up front.

    Broken Heart’s question is legitimate, given that you didn’t explain the situation. Please don’t go on the attack. Just let us know what you’re doing ahead of time.

  31. Kathy says:

    New thread here.

    (I’m moving this to the bottom for clarity.)

  32. PTSD Mom says:


    I am confused. What are you saying? Are you saying that somebody is messing around with your computer? Donna’s? Not being ugly. I just do not understand your last post.

  33. GCCrules says:

    Everybody with a brain can understand, and plainly see what’s been going on here for months. Cathy’s trying to give Nathan an alibi. This is a joke!

  34. shocked! says:

    Nathan, i.e., Donna, i.e., Alan, Casper, etc. etc. etc. = what a bunch of bull – do you really think some of us who have posted/read since March are really that stupid?
    Nathan AND Donna – interesting how quickly BOTH OF YOU – called and talked with Alan – and both found peace?>?>?>?>?
    If you are posting as different people with the intention of trying to fool anyone – I AM NOT FOOLED! Stop discrediting yourselves – and worst of all, you are doing it in the name of God….woa……………..

  35. PTSD Mom says:


    I have not been following as closely as I used to. I have been concerned about what has been posted recently. I have some strong opinions about some of this.

    Even so, if one IS truly being sincere and their is some sort of challenge going on, I do not want to judge too harshly.